What induces nerd rage in you?


On the rare occasion that I eat alone, I eat at the bar.


Honestly hats typically been what I do too.


If I’m on a road trip by myself, I’ll go in and order food to go from the bar, then have a drink while it’s being made. Take it back to the hotel room and eat in shorts and a t-shirt. Probably doesn’t work for everyone, but does for me.


Hotel bars are great! Everyone there is traveling so you end up with lots of opportunities for conversation with people you’d never talk to in another context.

I’m absolutely serious - I’ve had wonderful evenings chatting with random strangers where we know we’ll never see each other again.


I always have the best random stranger conversations while climbing down a mountain. You’re at the peak, have a great view and chance to catch your breath, and can take an easy conversation on the way down about what brought you to this random spot in the forest.

It also helps hat there are a lot of interesting and different answers to ‘what brought you to Portland’


Okay, we get it, you’re really into hats.


Okay. I laughed.


I stopped reading at this point, and wish to point out that you are doing it wrong. One descends a mountain from the top, it is not possible to climb down a mountain. Then again, as a fellow Chicagoan (at one point, didn’t you move?) maybe you don’t encounter a lot of mountains In Illinois and this might be a learning opportunity for you.


Yeah I’m out in Portland now, and I can promise you that one of the mountains I frequent ‘climb’ is the correct term for the descent , it’s a butt kicker.


Climb is also a more efficient word than descend. Descend is just so clunky and antiquated.


Well, I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.


I thought about the effort involved. I guess you could climb down. If you were so inclined.


Thread title, see puns! :-D


One man’s rage is another man’s delight!


If you’re the last one out of the thread, please turn off delight.


When an ad tries to pop up on my tablet, but first it tells me to rotate the device so it can play it. I have an invisible finger for anyone trying to push an advertisement on me but only creates it in portrait mode and thinks I will actually rotate my device to view it.


I haven’t seen that, but I would basically respond like this:


I only ever see it on my tablet when I am looking at it in landscape form. It mostly looks like this:

It’s a freaking video ad trying to take over my screen.