What iOS subscription apps are worth it for you?

I just use the Apple Books app. Works well enough and seems to have all the note/bookmark/highlight options.

I’m using FBreader on iOS. I don’t really like it, but Marvin is unfortunately abandoned.

Oh that’s a shame. I last used it in 2016. Looks like FBReader is what I have to settle on based on:


MyRadar so I can gauge the rain clouds coming through.

The best I’ve found is Mapleread SE. But sadly I haven’t found anything that measures up to Moon+ Reader on Android.

I tried that, prefer FBreader. But again, I don’t love it.

Is Lire only on iPhone and not iPad?

No it’s on iPad too, there are screenshots on the appstore and everything.

Got a link? I can’t seem to find it for the life of me.

I used Castro for years, but recently it started malfunctioning for me. Errors downloading certain podcasts, long delays between an ep going live and it showing up in the Castro feed, new podcasts not appearing in the search. I switched to Pocket Casts, which took a bit of a paradigm shift, but has worked for me.

I know this is an iOS thread but I really dig Pocket Casts too since it is also available for Windows. And it syncs listening position between the PC and iPhones. I also really like it’s Car Play interface.

I know what you mean. That was a rough stretch. They were apologetic and friendly in support but I really hope they don’t have that problem again. Intensely frustrating.

I think I’ll go with Reeder 5 because it’s not subscription at all.

Lire isn’t subscription, but YMMV. I love Reeder too.

Fucking Notability went evil Nov 1 without grandfathering existing users in and there’s user revolt.

Coincidentally GoodNotes also having a 50% sale.

Only skimmed MacRumors headlines but I thought they’d already felt the backlash and walked back far enough to grandfather in previous purchases.

Yeah, I was behind on the news and only noticed the icon changed today.

You can check out their sub-free competition, GoodNotes, which I believe is on sale for $5. People seem to like it better than Notability. (I think they are both equally as good, just have different ways of doing things.)