What is Netflix trying to tell me?

Among my recommendations at Netflix was some trashy 70s movie called Angel’s Wild Women. What disturbs me most isn’t so much that it’s recommended, but this explanation of how the movie fits into Netflix’s 5 star system –

Either most of those 354 people are morons or something is seriously wrong with people who rate like me.


Precisely. ;)

“If you like good bad movies you’ll love this one!”

That is kinda disturbing. Do youi have an established weakness for bad girl exploitation movies? “People like you” implies you’ve rated movies like this before.

Just out of curiosity, which plan do you uyse with Netflix? 3, 5 or 8?

“People like you” = fans of women’s prison flicks. Obviously, they’ve scanned your cookies and found you frequent this site.

I’m guessing it’s because Dr. Coffin and Erik Wolpaw managed to talk me into Netflixing that horrible Eurotrash piece of crap called Zombie Lake. Then there was a movie called Nude for Satan that Steve Bauman recommended.

I must have neglected to rate them accordingly and Netflix made the logical assumption that I’d be into women-in-prison flicks…

Joe, I have the old 4-movie plan. I’ve been using Netflix since that was pretty much the only plan they offered.


I was on the 3-movie plan, but jus upgraded. I tend to use Netflix for seeing serials that I missed the first time around, like Sopranos or Andromedia or Band of Brothers, so I like to get a few at a time.