What is Rev64?

Is it a new Splinter Cell or a new ubisoft license? Creepy looking site. I kept wanting to tell the guy to stop looking at me. www.rev64.com

Maybe if you posted a link we could see what you were talking about.

I went out on a limb and tried www.rev64.com . Definitely creepy.

From some of the audio, it sounds like a Ghost Recon site. “Copy that ghost leader” “We have an incoming transmission from ghost leader” etc…

Right. I thought that too, but then if you listen to some of the other clips there are sound fx and dialogue that sound like they’re from both RB6 and Splinter Cell.

Damn. Beat me to it.

Either way, the forums seem to agree that its WW3, and its all of Tom Clancy’s games clusterfucked together.

A good premise, as its not that hard to tie them together…

Lets see…

Rainbow Six Vegas started in Mexico, and moved to Vegas. Thats not TOO far from where GRAW2 left off, in Texas.

Splinter Cell, and its been a while since I’ve played it, was based out of America, yes? The John Brown army was located where?

Either way… it’ll be on US Soil, and feature all three games, culminating into one giant mega game.

I said it first.

If they made a game where all the stories were linked, that would rock. You could even have the cross over like in AVP 2. Where your Ghost Recon team sees a guy crawl into the rafters or maybe Sam is haning from a pipe and below him we see the RB6 team coming in and taking out some secondary targets. That would kick some serious ass.

They mention Third Echelon near the end of GRAW2. I think a game that tries to incorporate the gameplay of all three franchises could only suck, but it would be pretty neat on a superficial level to, say, play a Rainbow 6 mission where you have to launch a frontal assault on a building so that Sam Fisher can infiltrate through the roof. It couldn’t go much further than that, though. If you then switched to playing Sam Fisher and did a Splinter Cell mission, it would be jarring at best and half-ass gameplay at worst.

Well I don’t think they would put all the games together, but an story arch that covers 3 games could be great (if written well).

I think it would work best as 3 seperate games that have mission goals that reference the other games. Like Sam Fisher has to plant explosives around a building for covering a Rainbow 6 withdrawal from a mission in the same building. The games could have very similar looking areas with each game advancing their own part of the overall story through that area.

Why would you have a need for both R6 and the Ghosts though? Because the Ghosts don’t have to follow RoE? Maybe R6 would storm buildings while the Ghosts deploy around the perimetre of the towns or cities and just create havock as enemies try to get in or something.

The only huge differences between the games were really the locations: R6 were usually indoor, urban, close quarter environments, and Ghost Recon games usually took place in large, outdoor, non-urban areas (except for the GRAWs, I believe).

I think the John Brown’s Army HQ was in Boston.

Btw, this sounds like the game takes place before GRAW, as it says the Mexican President and the Canadian Prime Minister have delayed the meeting on the treaty. The Canadian PM was killed in GRAW while there to sign that new treaty.

Maybe it’s an alternative timeline.


Look up your bible. Revelations 6:4

References Slaughter, the second horseman of the apocalypse, who represents war.

Kinda obvious, though, Doesn’t hint to anything else.

ah shit I left my bible in my other pants! care to enlighten us?

This is referring to the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation.

The Scroll with the Seven Seals originates from The Throne of God (Revelation 5:1), they are given in heave to Jesus Christ for Him to open (Revelation 5:5-10), but they happen on earth (e.g. Revelation 5:10, 6:4).

The first four Seals are commonly known as the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

The first Seal is Religious Deception and Persecution.
The second Seal is War.
The third Seal is Famine.
The fourth Seal is Pestilence.

Listening to the web site it sounds like the apocalypse is coming. There’s a great war, famine, politics are falling, etc.

It sounds like the apocalypse has already started. There’s mention of nuclear bombs being detonated.

Well, possibly, but I think that’s coming from the storyline in Tom Clancy’s The Sum of All Fears where a nuke went off in Denver at the Super Bowl.

What was the unit involved with that? I remeber it was the original Ghost Recon engine, but I think it was R6.