What is Spysweeper's flippin' problem?

Okay, it was bad enough that SS, if during a version update, ran itself concurrently (even though it’s not supposed to, it will the next time you bewt, so you get 2 Spysweeper.exe’s in Task Mgr) and CRASHES MY WHOLE EFFING PC in the process, unless I play an awesome pre-OS boot twitch minigame called Ctrl-Alt-Del And Kill Spysweeper.exe, Any Spysweeper.exe, As Fast As You Can Before Your Rig Dies, Sucka.

But now, it barfs itself all over Oblivion (as referenced by others in the Dominions? I Fucked Him Obliviation thread). I mean, jes, disabling SS is not the worstest thing ever, but it is ker-gay and I’m not going to blame it on my Beth What Can I Do? Soft’s GOTY offering, non?

Any tech mavens got some hints to drop? Like, I dunno, Loyd or any of you other 1337 MaxPC animals (who seem to print articles on whatever it is that is up my butt in the very next ish that hits my hairy hands - what’s this, DIY laptop upgrading?)?

I wouldn’t give two squirts except HAWHAWHAW yesterday I forgot to re-enable SS and since Firefox has been queering up my attempts at downloads, I fired up IE and natch I don’t have google in Faves cuz FF 1.5 has ze bar right there and so I type in the addy bar “http://www.goggle.com” which is some mothercunting punkfuck monkeynuts scumware queertasm site made JUST FOR IDIOTS LIKE ME who accidentally type the wrong URL and you know, has his antimalware program turned off and is on Idiot Explosion through a wazky, zany series of recursive moronware foulups. I’M SORT OF UNHAPPY ABOUT IT I GUESS I’M TRYING TO SAY.

Don’t forget to take your pills, Bill. =)

Why don’t you just uninstall it?

I agree. Uninstall it. Go with Windows Defender instead.

Thanks Des. Seriously, I have a multi-vitamin and I always forget! Getting in between a freak like me and a good RPG is like, you know, a lion and its Christian or something.

Now Seawolf, is WD really an improvement? I mean, can it do all the POSITIVE things SS does?

Don’t use the piece of shiiate.


Windows defender is B+. Sunbelt-software.com’s Counterspy is A+

Free / $20

Actually uses the same engine, but sunbelt doesn’t leave the “leniency” holes that MS does.

Ooh, Counterspy. Ok. It only arfs my gaming rig, so I’m leaving SS on my lappie and work rig. Thank IX!

I have to disable Spysweeper when I play Oblivion (which is pretty much all the time), but there’s no way I’d go without it. It does a tremendous job of protecting me so it stays.

Firefox would give you 99% protection, ya know.

Five characters long.

I don’t need anti spyware…therefore I won’t pay for it. But hey, you do whatever.

Pluses for Windows Defender, whether or not it’s the best with detection, which I wouldn’t even know, are the performance and that they have an x64 version. (Sunbelt uses GIANTs engine too? That would be wierd, especially given that MS bought out GIANTs solution.) And it’s free. (Even if so, though Defender is modified enough that it isn’t GIANTs code anymore. The original - MS Anti-Spyware pretty much was the same code, supposedly, though.)

Anyway, all anti spyware apps have holes. It’s mentioned in every anti spyware article I’ve ever read that you should run more than one if you really need to clean a system out.

(I’m an Opera user, at least until IE7 shows up…I want the 64 bitness.)

Back to Spysweeper, I’ve used multiple versions of it and I really don’t like it. Maybe it makes some people feel secure, but it’s really not intelligent enough…which, as was already noted in the beginning of the thread, can cause problems with your system. I’ve noticed the same thing with several Norton apps. They do what they’re supposed to do, but they occasionally trip over themselves which only causes you trouble.

Okay what two spyware progs should I run?

I’ve always run AdAware and Spybot, but I think Spybot may be dying off.

For the average user who does not want to continuously monitor every last bit of incoming data, Spysweeper is one of the better antispyware solutions available. Just make sure you’ve got not just the latest spyware definition updates, but the latest program update as well.

Microsoft Defender is interesting, it’s free and it’s good for removing things from your computer, but it also lets entirely too many programs install in the first place. Winfixer, for example, sails right past it without even a single warning from the program.

This is all, however, purely anecdotal from my experience in the field cleaning up residential end-user computers from malicious software.

Did you have Spynet enabled? That will make it irritate you about random things that try to autoload and whatever (well, it irritates me…control freaks probably love it. Not saying you are one, I just don’t like it.)

Well, at work I have to have a good anti-spyware solution that I can pop onto a user’s machine to clean them out. I don’t own or run one myself, but I let counterspy do 99% of the work for me, then I break out regseeker and hijackthis and do the rest by hand. A good betterinternet, nail, or aurora infestation can still take 1-2 hours to cure even with the best of tools though. Multiply this by 300 users and maybe 20 of them use an alternative browser. Yes, I do this a lot.


  • Reformat
  • Use IE with minimal permissions or an alternative patched browser
  • Dont click weird links, email and wtf.
  • Dont use spyware applications.

And on your recommendation, mind.

I’m going to take instant0’s advice and just never do anything wrong in the first place. Abstinence is the safest way!

Can someone explain this comment to me? I fail to understand the reference and I’ve re-read the thread several times thinking I missed it.

How about doing it in Logo? It could be a turtle assassin.