What is that crazy man doing?

[URL=“http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20070816/od_afp/lifestyleaustraliabooksoffbeat”]Outback-roaming Stephen King
Went to Alice Springs
Due to his trappings
Resembling his writings
The employees were mistaking
His surreptitious signings

Stephen King has excellent taste in movies.

Is that someyhing that happens often? People walk in and start signing your crocodiles?

You Aussies are such simple folk! Here in America, we shoot people for stuff like this. King is just lucky that the customer who found him was a pussy. Otherwise, he’d be dead now.

Jesus, the man looks like a zombie! I’d be terrified too!

I’ve always said he should have kept the beard. Think of the children who accidentally pick up one of his hardcovers!