What is that glowy plastic-foil stuff?

I knew someone who used to ‘rice out’ their car. In it he had these strips of plastic that would glow very brightly. He showed me that at the end of the plastic strip you could peel it apart and there would be a metallic foil part, and a clear plastic part. Both were conductors and when you ran a current through them, the plastic glowed very brightly.

Anyway, I was wondering what it is actually called. More specifically I was wondering if there was a manufacture who took custom orders. I was thinking if the stuff is fairly energy efficient, and if I could get a strip 3 or 4 inches wide, I could make some interesting lighting devices with it.

electroluminescent strip or tape? I remember dansdata and mikaeltech (sp?) used to pimp that stuff to pc case modders with extra money and no taste years ago.

IIRC they did not last all that long.

Light Tape®

EL wire/material.

Electroluminescence was the word I was looking for, thanks.

Back in 1947, in New Mexico, aliens crashed their ricer in the desert when their neons shorted out and popped the fuse on the elerium 117 reactor. The funky neon light tape is but one of the items we managed to recover.

I hope you’re not making a Tron suit. The internet only needs one of those!

I wanted to make a wind-up lantern. I had done a quick search for these, but only found wind up ‘torches’. As it turns out there are a lot of wind-up lanterns already, although oddly searching for “clockwork lantern” produces hits for these products where as wind-up lantern doesn’t (or ones easily found).

I think you can blame Sir Trevor Bayliss for the word “clockwork”, as he called his famous invention the “clockwork radio”. It’s in his wake that others have introduced more “clockwork x” products.

The word “wind-up” still applies to toys, though.

Beware the slippery slope, though. Next thing you know, you’re drilling holes in your monitor.