What is the best HBO show ever?

I’ve been re-watching OZ thanks to finding some cheap box sets in a used music store, and I just ordered the Larry Sanders Best-Of DVD. It’s led me to reflect on just how much good stuff HBO has made over the years - although my all-time favorite show of theirs must remain Curb. I still haven’t seen The Wire, but I am going to start checking out the box sets soon.

So, what’s your favorite?

(Apologies if I didn’t include your show, feel free to write-in vote).

No love for Twin Peaks season 1?

Admittedly, anything after that went downhill, but for a moment it all good.

Though, trying to pick a favourite HBO show isn’t really easy. They’re all so good.

Six Feet Under by a mile!

Of course that and Sex and the City are really all I’ve seen more than a few episodes of.

Larry Sanders

Dream On.

But then, I haven’t had HBO for about fifteen years, so that’s the only one I remember.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Six Feet Under were pretty great, but I feel like Deadwood is a much better-realized vision.

The Wire, of course. Any other choice is a celebration of ignorance.

Another vote for Dream On.

Both Deadwood and The Wire were/are fantastic. All three seasons of Deadwood were equally fantastic, and the first season of The Wire was probably the best television ever written. The other three seasons just didn’t live up to the first, in my opinion.

“Fuck, fuck, fuckitty fuck fuck.”
“Mother fuck!”
“Swea-gin’! COCKSUCKA!”

Rome was the best of them all.

Sopranos got a bit diluted over the years, but I think it’s difficult to argue against it being the best TV show of all time.

What? No Fraggle Rock?

The Wire. More realistic, down-to-earth and identifiable than anything HBO’s ever shown.

— Alan

Rome FTW.

It died too soon a death. :(

I voted for the The Wire but I could just have easily marked Rome, Deadwood or The Sopranos.

HBO has the best shows ever made, easily.

TOUGH poll…

But I’d have to go with Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s my second only to Arrested Development.

Is there a category for “Band of Brothers”?

No, but that’d be a good write-in. As would from From the Earth to the Moon.

Band of Brothers.

I would rate BOB as the best mini-series, hands down. Overall of everything that HBO has produced, it would be very close to The Wire. I’d have a hard time distinguishing it at that point… maybe BOB slightly higher.

— Alan

Yea, Band of Brothers was fantastic. Wasn’t there a sequel in the works? About combat in the pacific or something?