What is the best PS4 Lego Game?


Lego games are on sale on PS4, and I think it would be cool to get one to play co-op with my girlfriend.

But there’s a billion of them. Do any of them in particular stand out as rising above the rest? Or is it literally just “pick your theme, they’re all the same?”


I don’t own a PS4 but I have played pretty much all of the LEGO games, and in my opinion the recent LEGO Avengers and LEGO Batman 3 games are pretty solid.

Though to be honest, there’s some truth to this too.


From my experience with the PC versions of which I played a few, absolutely not.

Assuming the PS4 games are the same, I’d recommend the Lord of the rings, Batman 2 and marvel heroes.
I haven’t played any recent SW games.


Why would you opt for Batman 2 over 3? 3 has a more open world structure plus it contains nearly all the DC characters, while 2 does not.


Is City Undercover on PS4? It was good.


I didn’t remember 3 having an open world. 2 had Gotham to run around in. We never even finished 3, I think we got stuck on a bugged mission and lost interest.


You could travel to the moon and those other Green Lantern worlds, ring any bells?


The one I had the most fun with (and nearly 100% it) was LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes. Second place is most likely LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars. Third is probably LEGO Batman 2.


Nope, nothing :)


Is Worlds part of the sale? Get that one. It’s different than all the rest–more like a Lego sandbox.


It was indeed good, but I can’t remember if it has co-op or not.


Oh yeah, I really have to emphasize that the whole purpose of this is co-op play.