What is the buzz offline on the PS3 and Wii?

I’m just wondering if you people are experiencing the same kind of feedback that I’m getting. Generally online people who bought whatever system seem really happy with it, it isn’t the case off line. I’m my large-ish circle of friends, I know 5 people that bought a PS3 and 8 who bought a Wii. (and 2 of the ps3 owners also are amoung the 8 who bought a Wii) All of them are the type of guys that stood in line for days or layed down upwards to $1300 to get a system. Most of this group also got a 360 before I did as well. A fairly hard core group. Without exception, everyone that got a ps3 has been hugely disappointed. Each one seems to have a completely different reason to unhappy but they are all unhappy never the less. The Wii owners are mixed. Generally if they were the type who lived alone and were into Gears of War, GTA and similar games, they were disappointed in the Wii. If they lived alone, they were disappointed in the Wii. If they were a family person or lived with a lot of room mates, well the Wii just may be the greatest system ever made.

I was wondering what your experience has been with your friends with the Wii or PS3? I don’t really want to read about how you feel about your system, I can read that in the other threads. What are you hearing from other people?

I’ve heard no buzz about the PS3 other than as a great way to make a quick buck. Stand in line, get a PS3, put it up for sale, let the PS3 profits finance a Wii.

Speaking to the general public no one seems to know what a “double-u two” is.

I don’t have a PS3, but the Wii has been a huge hit with everyone that I’ve had over.

My wife, who is certainly not an avid gamer, enjoys Wii tennis, boxing, bowling, and fishing in Zelda.

As for solo gaming experience, I’m surprised people are unhappy with Zelda. I think Twilight Princess is one of the best Zelda games and a launch title up there with Halo and Mario 64. There may not be many other high quality single player experiences available (I only own Zelda and Wii Sports), but Zelda is top-notch.


Same here. I know two folks at work that purchased PS3’s. Both sold them on eBay. One also bought a Wii and thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread (he’s married with a small child.) However, neither played their PS3 so that’s not really a fair comparison.

I bought the latest issue of the UK magazine EDGE. They have a neat, albeit wispy, Wii supplement (not totally a “rah rah” ad supplement, they express some reservations about certain games they’ve tried). They seem a lot more excited about the Wii in terms of actual gameplay, having played both systems. They just feel the Wii games (the ones that are “done right” as far as the controllers) bring back a sense of real joy to videogaming to jaded long time gamers along with fun to people who’d never touch a complicated console controller.

Their couple columnists express the opinion Sony has “blown it” in terms of spending too much time and money on proprietary DVD (Blue Ray etc.) stuff that may not become industry standards, creating a console that costs about as much as a decent PC, and not trying to come up with a fresh gameplay experience. They may still laugh all the way to the bank eventually but the “offline buzz” I hear for PS3 is simply “I want one so I can sell it.” :p In a way, the PS3 (which I was at one time excited about) has become this year’s “Aunt Mabel’s Fruitcake.” Nobody wants to keep it, they just want to find someone else to give it to – at a premium. :D

All I know here is that at my nearby Circuit City the county police had to resort to firing pepper spray (!) at unruly crowds lined up on PS3 day. When the local papers interviewed people in line, most of them simply saw it as an investment. It didnt’ seem like anybody even knew what games were going to be available. If they’d asked me, I’d have said Resistance is one of the few PS3 games that might appeal to me – then the reporter would say “what a geek” and look for someone who wanted to talk about mugging someone for their PS3 instead. ;)

Most of whom seemed only to want to sell it to some sucker on eBay who probably wanted to sell it to someone else for more. Even on Thanksgiving, my totally non-gamer relatives and brother’s in-laws were talking about PS3 for that sort of reason, not for anything to do with how fun/not fun its games are. They know I’m a gaming geek so they asked me about it. I could only roll my eyes…

To be fair, it would’ve been interesting if Sony had oversupplied PS3 and instead of becoming “the console you beat, shoot, mug and riot for to get so you can sell it for 5 times more to some nut on Ebay,” it was simply “relatively popular” and could be judged strictly on its gaming and fun factor. I think at this point it’s hard to separate the whole insanity thing from the console’s technical and fun merits. I’m sure that’ll change eventually.

Another anecdote: One guy I know who waited in one of those multi-day PS3 lines said that he found it amusing that the big topic of discussion among his fellow line-dwellers was how much they all looked forward to the Wii. Apparently on the rare occasion when the PS3 was actually brought up, the words “ebay” and “get rich” were usually involved.

Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg weighs in with this today:

Battle of the Boxes: PlayStation 3 vs. Wii
Our Test of New Game Systems Finds Cheaper, Simpler Wii To Be More Exciting and Fun
November 29, 2006; Page D1


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man… I wanted to read it too!

Here are the money quotes:

"…in our tests, we found the more modest Wii to be the more exciting, fun and satisfying of the two new game machines.

"…the Wii won our hearts for one reason: It uses a wireless controller that can detect your arm and hand motions and transfer them to the screen, so that you can physically control the action. This opens up huge possibilities. In sports games, you can actually swing a baseball bat or tennis racket or golf club. In adventure games, you can slash a sword through the air or throw a punch. You make pretty much the same motions, using your full arm and hand, that you’d make with the real objects.

“With the Wii, you don’t sit on the couch and just press buttons. You typically stand. You get a workout. In fact the Wii controller, a slim rectangular gadget that looks like a TV remote control, has a wrist strap to prevent it from being hurled across the room while you are, say, serving in tennis. The controller also has a small built-in speaker and it transmits vibrations to make the play more realistic. There are already reports of people complaining of sore elbows and wrists from hours of Wii play. Our testers were initially amazed that they felt a little winded and sore after hours in front of the Wii.”

My experience with it suggests that a new group will arise characterized by aches and pains associated with playing Wii games too vigorously: Wii-kend Warriors.

I walked away from an available PS3 while looking for a Wii. I felt a twinge, but I’m not sinking $500 into a system that doesn’t have any must-play games yet. Nor am I going to lock up my gaming money on one system when I want to get a Wii and pay for 360 repairs (hope that’s not an annual expense).

Other than me, I know two people fairly well who have gotten a PS3. The ones who haven’t, say they all definitely want one after playing at my house for a bit.

The ones who have it already are mixed. One guy is “Meh.” about it because he could only get one game with the system and he’s growing tired of Ridge Racer. The other says he loves it to death. He’s been playing NBA 07 on it (he’s a sports nut*) and we regularly play Resistance online as well. One of the things that made him love the system even more is that he apparently sold a photo of it on Ebay for $700. P.T. Barnum was right.

I’m itching for more games. I like Resistance a lot (multiplayer still on for tonight at 11pm Eastern). And I didn’t play Marvel on the 360 so plugging through it on the PS3 is fun. My major disappointment is the decidedly smaller than expected online offering. They announced all this cool stuff and didn’t deliver it. Though, I know that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

*He’s also loving Madden on the Wii.

A non-discriminating sports nut, maybe. NBA 07 is a pretty dire game – makes me wonder why it is frequently the game being played in demo kiosks.

Ah, now it all makes sense.

In most of the circles in which I travel, I’m the only gamer, and almost everyone knows that. So, among my kids’ friends and their families (including school, Girl Scouts, gymnastics, etc.), everyone I know at work, and all of the people at the client sites where I work throughout the week, precisely zero people have asked me about the PS3 or the Wii, and to my knowledge none have purchased either system. Usually by now a lot of folks have asked me about what system to buy their kids, but I’ve had zero inquiries about that. From my anecdotal evidence, the new consoles aren’t penetrating beyond the hardcore.

Almost everyone I know thinks the PS3 is too expensive. Simple as that. That plus pretty much only one launch title anyone is interested in (Resistance) has added up to no sales in my hood.

The Wii, OTOH, is rocking the house. The controller is officially a hit, and I haven’t heard of anyone accidentally smacking their dog, wife, friend or whatever. And it’s got a few really solid titles in the launch lineup. Oh yeah and there’s the whole not-prohibitively-expensive thing.

An anecdote from my friend, the video game store manager:

He would really like if all of you would please stop calling about the Wii. He gets several dozen calls a day, all asking if they have any stock. In fact, they have signs on the door, and their default voice greeting has changed to “Thank you for calling Gamestore, where we don’t have any PS3s and Wiis, how can I help you?”.

The Wii was more immediately enjoyable for me. It’s easier to get into, and it makes a great first gaming impression – especially if you have other people around.

In the room by myself, I’m usually playing the PS3. But I haven’t opened Zelda yet… I probably won’t until I finish Resistance (which is impressing me more and more as I play). Resistance isn’t in your face about what makes it great… it has things like heat shimmer, but you usually see it near flames… it has strong level design with distant views, but the muted colors can make it look dated until it begins to grow on you.

I had my Sharp LCD set to “movie” last night (was watching blu-ray movies before firing up a gaming session), and Resistance really takes on a cinematic quality. It’s a worthy launch title, better and much deeper than COD2 was on my 360.

A friend of mine who I discovered was a closet gamer told me of his experience with the Wii. I was really shocked to hear him say how much he enjoyed Wii sports.

He waxed poetic of how different of an experience it was than what’s come before. It made me realize that as a party console, the Wii would be a lot of fun.

He dismissed the PS3 as half baked but as far as I know that was just an opinion based on reviews and not hands on experience.

That’s the tale of our Thanksgiving. My daughter-in-law has no time for consoles and couldn’t get enough time with Wii Sports.

Drop Rayman: Raving Rabbids into the Wii and all you need for a party is people. It’s a hoot!

I was at my local Micro Center last night to grab a 360–they’ve a nice $100 rebate offer on them, and they’re flying off the shelves; in the half hour or so I was there, I saw at least 6 others being purchased.

While I was waiting for the sales guy to retrieve one from stock, nearish the customer service counter, a middle-aged woman asked said service, “Is that Nintendo…Wii?..out yet?” Which is about as offline as you can get, I bet.

They also apparently had stock of it, because one of the guys buying a 360 also had one on the stack. I twitched, but my tenuous grasp on what budget control I slated for the whole expedition held for the moment.