What is the current generation Skyrim?

Not much to choose from if you want higher end production values in a fantasy setting without it being the Witcher. Its expansions? Inquisition, Elex, Greedfall all have their issues. Elder Scrolls Online maybe?

Kingdom Come is great at what it does but I found it a bit of a slog myself.

Dunno if ELEX has graphics mods or not.

I’ll umpteenth this, and also mention Legacy of the Dragonborn for those who haven’t played it.

For me, it basically made Skyrim a totally different game and allowed me to forgive a lot of its “sins” in the process; you’re out there gathering artifacts to display to the public instead of just ramping up your personal power, adds some story to why so many powerful items seem to be concentrated in the land, and frankly adds some extra push to go through various quests I might otherwise not bother with.

The mod has built-in compatibility with several others (and it’s suggested to play with them). However, it’s currently going through a massive overhaul into version 5. The team has this month as the ETA for the completion, but I suspect this may be an overly optimistic projection given the to-do list on Trello.

Anyway, if you ever thought Indiana Jones would have a blast in Skyrim, this is the mod for you.

Have you tried this mod?

Nice - Any likewise mods or tricks to increase resoultion beyong Skyrims standard into say, 2560x1440?

Assuming you’re okay with SkyUI (which also requires SKSE), you could also use this mod

I’ve had a blast with Elder Scrolls Online solo over the last few weeks, fwiw. Not a graphical powerhouse by today’s standards, but it’s still pretty nice looking and obviously scratches that Elder Scrolls itch to the bone. A million things to see, do and explore with not terrible story and quest writing (and fully voiced). Only nitpick would be that it’s a bit painfult to delve into crafting too deeply without their subscription offering (to get access to unlimited storage craft bag), but ignore that if you only want the story and world content.

Aaaaand now I’m reinstalling Skyrim, again.

Appreciate this video link, Scott. That texture and mod setup looks fantastic.

LOL - glad I could convince you. As an FYI and to avoid any frustration, the next iteration of the mod due out in the fairly near future will require a new game for it to work.

Not a huge deal, Dan. I have nearly 500 hours on the original, over 200 on SE, about 100 in VR and an unknown amount on two different loads on xbox 360, which I cant see to tell how much time played anymore.

Safe to say I have played the crap out of the game, modded and unmodded. If something requires me to restart … okay? :)

Requiem mod for Skyrim, along with some graphical overhauls. The end result is a proper character building focused RPG experience not unlike the one found in FNV. If watered down RPG mechanics was your beef with the original then definitely give Requiem a try.

Obviously Kingdom Come, but if you insist on fantasy stuff, then Enderal I guess.
Elex was good too, but it is a mix of fantasy/post-apo.

LOL - fair enough. Make sure to check out the supported mods, and especially those which add displays to the museum.

Wait, is “Skyrim Remastered” just the Skyrim Special Edition game?

I’ve been looking for Skyrim Remastered and Remastered Skyrim mods through Google and at mod sites, and do not see anything.

It should be Skyrim SE with mods. Skyrim Remastered was the working title applied to SE back when it was still being moved to all platforms (PC and console.) SE is essentially a 64-bit version, more stable, some bugs fixed, slightly updated graphics, and capable of more total mods applied. That being said, I’m not sure which version that YouTube video commenter used. A lot of the extreme modding folks preferred the vanilla Skyrim game, usually because not all of the original mods have upgraded things to SE version. I’d be willing to bet a good portion of the list mentioned in the video has though (without checking.)

If it were me, and it soon will be me, I would encourage SE. It will let you take advantage of more memory, running a 64-bit executable, and truthfully allow you to run MORE mods versus vanilla Skyrim.

Any news at all on a new Elder Scrolls? I love Skyrim but hundreds of hours is probably enough. It’s been EIGHT years now…

Nope. The SF one first, then back to Elder Scrolls.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the sci fi one. So we get that and Cyberpunk (CD Project) first…

The current Skyrim is Morrowind (with mods)

I didn’t realize I beat Morrowind until well after the fact, that’s how overpowered my character was…

My original Morrowind character was Jack of all trades, Master of everything. I could fly, walk on water, and jump a mile (but the crazy amount of loading zones meant the process was a quasi slide show).

I had a pocket dimension base with all my crazy loot and artifacts. Although I still didn’t find all the pieces for a full set of daedric armor. I suppose I could have look up the locations but there isn’t much point anymore. I played the entire game without guides, in a time before you followed quest arrows.