What is the deal with American Somoa?

Would it be accurate to say that doubling the minimum wage in Somoa is the mythical “raise the US minimum wage to $30 an hour” absurd hypothetical everyone uses?

I don’t know why we own these terrotories anyway. We should either make them states and work on actually industrializing them or cut them loose.

It may actually hurt the company pretty badly. But I somehow think Starkist could afford to pay them minimum wage. And the hypocrisy is that they raised it for the nearby Marianas, with the garment industry making the same plea. The Ocam’s razor here is that they gave their buddies in the tuna industry a nudge wink break, politics as usual.

If the Marianas if handling it just fine, than yeah, it’s ridiculous.

If Starkist are big buddies with the Democrats how is it that they, and their parent company, donate almost exclusively to Republicans according to Weisman? Maybe there’s more to the story that we just don’t know? What I’m not seeing, conclusively, that the Northern Marianas and American Samoa are in an identical situation so assuming both should, in fact, be treated the same way might be leaping to a conclusion (something I have in this very thread illustrated the folly of). :)