What is the excitement level for the BF1492 (sic) expansion?

I can’t wait!! 1942 was definitely my GOTY. The new maps, vehicles, and nationalities sound terrific. One of the new assault guys has some sort of light MG, which looks cool, but my number one interest lies in the uber halftrack with the 75mm fixed cannon, and the rear mounted .50 cal. Now, people will listen when I call for APC support.

For me its pretty high. I play at least one round of BF1942 every day since it came out. I can’t say its taken over my life like TFC did when it came out (3-4 hours a night for a year) but I’m hooked thats for sure.

I’m on an EA server nearly every night for an hour. Its the perfect way to unwind after a work day. One of the best parts is that I can choose what type of battle I feel like, and then jump in. It will be nice to have that expanded by 5 (or is it 10?) maps.

Strange hypothetical question: I wonder if there will be fewer idiots in expansion games? Are the kinds of people who deliberately beach the aircraft carrier or spam the radio channels likely to pay for more maps on which to be idiots?

Not that it matters, since I’ll buy the expansion anyway. I’m just hoping that maybe the subset of players with the expansion will be be less stupid than the rest.

The patch is supposed to help in the idiot department.

I was on Gazala last night, and I checked the map only to find out that I was the only axis fighting for the flags. Everyone else was at one of the two bases. Ugh. But, 2 nights ago, I took part in a crazy come from behind battle on Gazala. You just never know what you’re going to get.

Question: how come so much chat appears in clumps? Is there some sort of chat lag? I’ll miss entire conversations due to it.

There is chat lag at times. I’ve seen it particularly bad on TeamSpeak servers, although I don’t know whether that is due to the program, bandwidth, or it’s just a coincidence.

I’m keenly anticipating this one. I’m not too fussed about playing the Italian or French sides (unless they add a ‘drop weapon’ key to help me run away faster), but the addition of fixed anti-tank guns and better protection for tank commanders will be welcome. Some of the maps seem very cool too.
I finally have ADSL and I’m jumping into this game at least an hour each night. It’s funny, I used to complain about the AI in single play but after being online I can say that humans are much more stupid. It’d be nice to find a regular server with players who go after flags, work as a team and can anticipate enemy actions. Ahh well, I got that off my chest.