What is the point of this spam?

From: ashly 508 [[email protected]]
Subject: lukfspg Hello! ce Want to go out friday?

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I mean, whats the point?

It might be a virus. I’ve received similar nonsensical spam that had an infected attachment. It might also be an attempt to validate that your address is deliverable in order to clean up a list from one of those 25 Million Email Addresses!!! CD’s that you see being spammed.

I think the idea is that if you’re super guillable you will reply and say “Hey, so and so! Your email to me was garbled!”

And then they know that your email address is valid and they match it up based on the unique garbling in the email and stuff.

Or, it’s another attempt to completely screw with your Bayesian filter’s mind.

i thought maybe it was a simple substitution code, but there are 3 different one-letter words in that email (instead of the two you’d expect, “a” and “I”). i decided i didn’t care to tweak it at that point.

a related story:

a month or so ago i was called in to do some after-hours consulting at a coffee shop. their registers are running win98 with a weird frontend that looks like maybe a VB app using an Access .mdb file as a backend.

The owner didn’t know his password, but I was able to open the .mdb file in Access. It turned out the database wasn’t password protected and there was a USERS table. The passwords were all garbled, but a few minutes of poking about convinced me that they were all “rot5” (http://www.rot13.com/info.php) (did I just make that up?) encoded.

It helped me crack it once I figured out that user "GST"s password was “guest”.

anyone have any more amusing security follies to share?
software firewall arguments are not welcome here btw :wink:

Here’s another fun piece of spam.

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Its like Koontz trying to sell me something.

The Koontzian phrases are hash busters used to make each piece of mail look “unique” so that anti-spam software will believe it is legitimate mail.