What is the word on True Crime for xbox?

I believe it is out now. Does it have lots of GTA3 goodness? Or should I just get GTA3/Vice city?

If your looking for the GTA goodness, why not just get GTA? The two pack sounds like a great deal on the xbox.

I’ve not played True Crime yet, but it sounds more like a modern day Mafia than a GTA clone. I don’t think there are many games out there trying to incorporate GTA’s freeform world.

The reviews thus far are pretty good:


I have a copy pre-ordered for tomorrow. I’ll post some impressions once I fire it up.


True Crime is very different in the sense that you’re not actually SUPPOSED to kill innocents. Or anyone, for that matter, since you’re technically a cop. You can shoot down suspects if you have no other choice, but you only get full points for “solving” crimes if you bring 'em back alive.

True Crime also features a fairly deep hand-to-hand combat system, a wonky but pleasantly skill-based targeting system, and an interesting training mission set that will give you new abilities like ground attacks and precision aiming. These abilities aren’t necessary to beat the game, but they help a lot when it comes to getting a “good” ending. For instance, in a hostage situation, default aiming will tend to lead to the occasional stray shot that tags a hostage, but precision aiming will make your shots much more accurate, thus keeping your karma up.

Also note the novelty of the Random Crime Generator, which will cause random crimes to pop up around the map that you can go stop, if you so choose. Of course, the limited character models mean that you’re often stopping the same guy over and over, and sometimes you’ll even end up seeing the occasional crime that involves a guy mugging his identical twin, but it’s a nice addition.

The main missions are nicely freeform. Instead of constantly retrying missions like in GTA, failing a mission will simply change the storyline slightly. This can at least serve as an excuse to stumble through the game once and then go through again trying for a better rating.

The exceptionally accurate L.A. map is also a bonus if you live or used to live in the City of Angels (like I did…blech). If you know the Streets Of L.A., you’ll have an advantage in True Crime.

It’s a far more structured game than GTA. It’s also better-looking, and has a more ambitious concept behind it. Still, I can’t really see one replacing the other, and I’d say there’s room for both titles in a gamer’s library. It comes down to a matter of taste in the end.


I got it tonight and messed around for a couple of hours. Completed the first Episode (Chapter) and bought myself an upgrade (running attacks!) along with my free upgrade (grapple move). Mostly I just cruised around LA and enjoyed the excellent map.

Overall, the gameplay and game environment are similiar to GTA but with slightly upgraded graphics. The car controls feel a bit more forgiving although the cars seem a bit more sedate than GTA. There is less emphasis on cars. The big new feature is the martial arts combat, which is pretty well done. Not Soul Calibur level, but enjoyable to a layman like me. The shooting thus far feels fairly clumsy so that might be a weakpoint in the game.

The star of the show IMO is the city of LA. They put the heart of LA geographically in the game. The map extends from downtown and Chinatown in the east, to Hollywood and Bel Airin the north, to Santa Monica in the west, and Venice and Jefferson Park in the south. And every street that I know of is in there. It has a nice feature of showing what street you are on, and the cross streets as you pass. So you can literally drive around LA just like a virtual tourist if you want. Although many buildings are generic, it does have a number of landmarks. Since I’m an LA resident who used to commute right through the center of this map, I’m really enjoying it.

These are early impressions, and it may not stand up to the fantastic mission design and totally freeform gameplay of Vice City. But so far, so good.


Going to have to get this game because I hate going into LA and trying to figure my way around. It’s not that it’s that hard, it’s just annoying, too annoying to put up with when I don’t have to. I remember playing the crap out of a old vette simulator on the mac years ago, it faithfully recreated San Francisco to the point when I finally made a trip to the city I was able to do a credible job as a tour guide, despite having no maps.

It’s pretty cool when games coincide with some actually useful information for real life, wish they did it a bit more.

That way I could justify all the time spent on them… or something like that. :roll:

Having read through some of the reviews, Gamespot’s has me the most concerned. Is the writing really that bad? Can you simply drive around a be a good cop by running into people? And what is going on with the zombies?

I was thinking about picking this one up, but some of the reviews read sort of fluffy and uncritical to me. I normally don’t defer to Gamespot’s reviews, but they made some pretty compelling points and it read like they enjoyed it less than the 7.2 that they gave it.

Those who have played it, what’s your take on Gamespot’s review?

Hmm I didn’t read the GS review before buying but reading it now my take is that the GS review is heavily influenced by a negative reaction to the game’s style. In other words, I think the reviewer is shorting the score by a full point or so just b/c he didn’t like the main char, the main char’s pattern of speech and dialogue, and that the game just rubbed him the wrong way aesthetically.

For example, the reviewer spends a paragraph knocking True Crime for having a “generic B-action-movie plot” then he throws this in: “Unfortunately, the story’s first problem surfaces almost immediately: Nick is almost completely unlikable”. Hey, isnt that a standard cliche for the B-movie, to have a nasty anti-hero as the protagonist? I mean thats what they were going for and they succeeded. But the GS reviewer just didnt like it.

Here’s another - the first screenshot he posts has this caption “With his smarmy and annoying chatter, Nick is a pretty annoying progtagonist”. Note the double use of the word “annoying” :).

We all know some games rock just b/c they get the style right: Diablo, XCom, Vice City, etc. But I know people who tried those games and said “enh”. The style just didnt click. For True Crime I think the GS reviewer had the opposite reaction - the style just annoyed him at the outset and it made the rest of the game seem crappy to him.

My own subjective take based on a couple hours of play is that I personally like the game. YMMV.

I do usually find GS reviews worth reading but I think this is a good example of why multi-review sites like Metacritic are very useful.


Between the Savage debacle, and the absolutely bogus high rating they gave the incredibly average Freedom Fighter, gamespot has lost a lot of credibility lately. I put more stock in the user review rating now than I do in their reviewer’s score.

Actually annoying leads kill alot of games for me. Can you skip cutscenes / turn of his comments ala duke? Does he make dumb comments constantly or anything?

Eh. Annoying music would kill it for me. As much atmosphere as I’m sure it contributes, I don’t want to listen to rap and hip-hop while I play. Can it be turned off? Other than that the game sounds like fun.

A few more impressions after playing a bit more.

The game has a lot of good features, but I think it suffers a bit from trying to do too much. The driving is decent, the control seems more forgiving than GTA, and you can do some pretty cool maneuvers and stunts - overall I’d say that works pretty well. The fighting system is simple and not as good as a dedicated fighting game but still has a lot of flavor and some actual tactics. You can win some fights by button mashing but some require use of block, grapple, etc. Overall thats my favorite part of the game thus far. The part of the game that doesn’t really work as well IMO is the shooting - perhaps its b/c I am not familiar with auto-target. And I seem useless using a gun while driving. Also the combo of the shooting plus the good cop/bad cop system is tough - I just now got the upgrade to use “neutralize targeting” (ie shooting a baddie in the arm so I can arrest him instead of killing him) but prior to that any shootout cost me good cop points.

The map of LA remains incredibly cool - it really does have an LA flavor (although with a 90% reduction in traffic) and theres been enough car and character diversity to keep it from being totally generic (although I’m sure that will change with repeated play).

I’m just getting into the storyline and thus far it seems pretty generic B-movie. The random crimes however are extremely cool - escaped convicts, crazed Michael (“Miguel”) Jackson shooting bottox into people’s butts (I kid you not), cannibles, street races, postal postal workers, and on.

Overall I like it. Its no Vice City but its a pretty interesting take on the Vice City idea.

I am beginning to tire of the rap though.


There’s a really stupid plot twist. At least, it looked incredibly lame from what little I’ve seen someone else play it.

Hey, Thierry, for those of us who aren’t going to play it, what’s the stupid plot twist? Put it under a spoiler warning or something, but I’d be curious to know.


[size=7]PLOT/GAME SPOILAR[/size]

From what I’ve seen, the game stops being a hip-hop laden crimefest, and starts becoming Big Trouble In Little China / Golden Child, when the 300+ year-old chinese wizard appears and conjures demons and dragons. I half-expected him to start babbling about girls with green eyes by then.

If I made it sound cool just now, it’s not. I saw my boss fight a boss battle which was just a room filled with four big flying skulls on fire. All they did was move around and hurt you by touching you, I guess. When I saw that destroying four skulls wasn’t the end, because FIVE skulls pop up in their place, I decided to leave the room. I believe you fight a dragon after the five skulls, or maybe you fight six skulls. I dunno, and frankly, I don’t care.

Thanks Thierry, I can skip that game then… :)

That’s depressing. I thought the only reason I had to avoid the game was my utter contempt for antimelodic music. Now I can feel much better about skipping it.

Wow, that’s pretty f-in ridiculous given how the game has been marketed. There’s nothing that indicates any kind of fantasy element to it at all. Absoultely wacko.


I played some of this yesterday. It’s interesting that they’ve managed to put together so many different game systems, but it doesn’t really come together, for me, as a whole.

Also, we played through as a bad cop and reached the end of the game in about 5 hours. We didn’t see any of the zombies or dragons, though, so it may be that the “good cop” path is longer. Frankly, I was astonished when we beat this one boss guy and it said “game over”, because I thought we had to be about in the middle of the game.

I’ll be curious to see how the other path figures in.



Eh, that sounds dumb. I mean, I LIKE the Big Trouble in Little China but that seems like a total change of direction from the game I’m seeing now in Chapter 3. Thus far its more like a fusion of Hollywood & Hong Kong action movies - like that action movie with Seagall and DMX or that other one with Jet Lee and Alaiya. None of those are great movies but theres a certain rap/kung fu fusion going thats kinda cool. To segue to pure fantasy, hmm.

I’m liking the game but I’m beginning to feel like it needed better focus and tuning. Like, they should have delayed its release 3 months and contracted Blizzard to tune it up :). Overall, its still fun but feels a bit… raw.