What is the word on True Crime for xbox?

Well, call me crazy, but when I saw who the developer was for this game I wasn’t expecting miracles. Luxoflux are the guys that did Vigilante 8, a decidedly average car battling game that further soiled the Interstate '76 franchise as it was a sort of spin off.

Here’s their history…not very impressive…


It’s always worth paying attention to who’s developing these things. History is right more often than not on that developer’s ability to create a great game.



OK, then, with that damned inner demons mission, do I really have to keep hammering the right trigger button while watching the Doom-rip-off inner demons’ health bars slowly drop, while furiously trying to stave off both catatonia and RSI, or is there a simpler way?

I mean, I LIKE the Big Trouble in Little China but that seems like a total change of direction from the game I’m seeing now in Chapter 3.

True Crime: Except For The Wacky Shit

This game isn’t being ported to the pc say in 6 to 9 months time is it?

I’m developing a love/hate relationship with this game. When I’m on, its really a very good game. But its possible to get into bad situations and really mess up your game. For example, although it promoted itself as having a very forgiving mission design (you can keep playing even if you fail missions - you just get progressively worse endings and fall off the victory track step by step), that doesn’t apply to the training/upgrade missions. If you spend points for an upgrade but fail the test those points are gone forever :(. And since it auto-saves… Also, its very easy to rack up bad cop points by being overaggressive. To really play the game and get a good ending, you need to conserve your badge points, earn good cop points and avoid bad cop points. I understand what they were trying to do but there are times when I just want to blow shit up :).

Also, Nick’s arsenal is quite lacking. You can pick up SMGs and rifles from baddies, but once their clip is out, you’re done. The only stock weapon Nick carries is his dual pistol set - you can upgrade those from .38 to .40 to .45 and eventually to .50 (!) but basically they are always semi-auto pistols (even when they look like revolves they fire semi-auto). You don’t get to have the massive selection of death dealers enjoyed by Mr. Vercetti.

Also, the camera can be downright crap at times. It doesn’t do well with walls and unfortunately most of the action occurs at streets edge up against walls (perps run to the wall and stop which is where you often fight them). So close quarter fights, especially against multiple opponents, can suck.

On the other hand, the fighting is pretty fun, the cars look and handle pretty well, and the map of the city is just awesome. The size and scope of the landscape, and the incredible detail of the road grid, is amazing. I keep finding myself playing on, driving around LA and checking stuff out. And with my own selection of LA music (not the tiresome rap that comes with the game), it sounds great too.

Also, there’s a pretty significant power curve in earning the upgrades: Nick gets a LOT better with good upgrades. Also, theres a little strategy in choosing what to upgrade when (you probably want fighting first, then shooting, and for the Bonus Upgrades, go pistols all the way). I ended up restarting b/c I had gotten to the 3rd chapter and was kinda sucking it up. Now I’m back in Chapter 1 but I’m already more upgraded than I was in 3. By the time I get to 3, I should be doing much better.

Its a flawed epic overall - a really grandiose design attempt, an attempt to add KOTOR style good/bad choices to a Vice City freeform type game, and to add in martial arts combat to the standard GTA driving and shooting. It succeeds in some ways and but misses the mark in others. Oh well, I give them a lot of credit for trying.


Sharpe is pretty much right on the money about it. It’s definitely a good game, but it’s hard to say it’s any better than GTA3.

The writing is as bad as the Gamespot reviewer says it is - there’s no way around it, there’s no justifying it by saying “But it’s bad in a funny way, like Max Payne!”, just… no. In trying to sound like a nonchalant uber-badass, Nick Kang comes off as being really fucking stupid.

The game looks extremely good, and it’s HUUUUUGE compared to the GTA titles. The “cruising” factor is far, far better. Granted, you can’t go hunting for hidden packages or weapons in True Crime, but that is made up for by the random crime generator.

The combat is much more stylistic than GTA3/VC’s and is no less “good” on a playability level, so in that sense this game is definitely better. It’s arguably much easier as well, but that’s fine by me - playing GTA:VC on the console drove me up the wall on some missions because I got way too used to keyboard/mouse aiming on the PC with GTA3 (I eventually traded in my PS2 version of VC to get the PC version, for exactly that reason). True Crime alleviates the need for precise aiming by… being really easy. Enemies will miss you a lot, especially if you keep doing the slo-mo rolls. Infinite ammo makes it all the easier. Then again I’m nowhere near completed (almost done with Episode 2) so maybe I just haven’t reached the challenging moments yet.

Driving is more fun if only because you can so much more easily gun down your targets while behind the wheel. But given all the stories I’ve heard about LA, I had expected a lot more traffic. Most of the time it kind of plays like me in real life driving around the business district my office is located in, with maybe some better opportunities for huge jumps. Don’t expect any action-movie-staples such as a you chasing after someone running in between all the cars of a traffic jam, or you having to stick to flooring it while driving on the shoulder to circumvent traffic. The only time car chases get really intense is when your suspect drives into oncoming traffic. I should note that I also hate the AI of the “ordinary citizen” drivers. I don’t know how many times they’ve run over me in mid-fight, or if I happen to make a bad turn and wind up looking at oncoming traffic, it seems that more often than not they’ll just slam right into me, back up a bit, then slam into me again.

The soundtrack isn’t all bad, but it does highlight for me why I’m still more a fan of the old (“old” meaning the tracks by Parliament, Ice-T and The D.O.C.) than the new (if I dictated such things, Lil’ Eazy E would be FUCKING FIRED for pissing on Eazy E’s grave with his wack-ass bullshit). The non-rap stuff would be better if I could actually get to listen to any of it - the songs are randomly picked, if you leave your car the current song ends and when you get back in a new one begins (booooo), you can only customize the soundtrack to a certain extent (BOOOOOOOOO), and the rock songs are in the vast minority. I think I got to hear 5 seconds of a Megadeth song before a random crime started and I had to get out of the car. If there’s one category where GTA3/VC clearly smacks down True Crime, it’s in the handling of the music.