What is there in the SW? (Lum is gone)

1- Lum leaves Mythic.
2- Lum is now a designer.
3- Lum cannot say anything for about two weeks.
4- Lum is moving back to the Southwest.

It shouldn’t be SOE.

WHAT IT IS? You game developers and journalists, I want a list of what is there in the SW.

The fact that I’m moving on to a really fantastic opportunity (which I’m not sure I can talk about yet) also doesn’t hurt.

Yes, it is in the MMO industry, and no, I can no longer use the “I’m not really a designer” copout.

Further I cannot say until I am debriefed by Echo Base.

He’s gonna work with romero and make everyone everyone else’s bitches.

Romero and Lum are working for James Cameron and his upcoming MMOG.

Blizzard is opening a new set of offices to develop World of Starcraft.

I got $5 on ncsoft austin. They headhunt like crazy, they’re infamous for it. Good bagels, too.

I also would be very surprised if it was SOE.

WooHoo! Maybe we’ll finally get a decent sequal to WW2OL!!


Isn’t Blizzard in the Southwest?

Anyway, whatever. Good on you, Lum, I hope the new gig treats you what you’re worth.

Well there are a couple of companies in this neck of the woods, including us, several new and upcoming development houses that may or may not have relationships with us, SOE Austin, Wolfpack I think, Cornered Rat of course… hmm, think I’m forgetting someone in Texas. Oh yeah, Ensemble is - rumor has it - also working on a MMOG (according to some job descriptions posted in the past where MMOG-related work was a requirement).

I doubt it’ll be CRS, considering they laid off half of the remainder of the company (including all but one artist) in December. They probably couldn’t afford Lum’s asking price :)

The mere fact he talks about Echo Base makes me think it’s an opportunity to fix SWG from the ground up but that’s my purely speculative no-info statement.

— Alan

Congrats Lum :)

The mere fact he talks about Echo Base makes me think it’s an opportunity to fix SWG from the ground up but that’s my purely speculative no-info statement.

I hope not. I’d rather see him work on something original, and try to fix such a broken game.


Posted by Hrose:

Abalieno says on February 18th, 2006 at 1:11 am:

A rant site will someday bitch about Lum’s game.

I’ll do it first!

Hrose, you’re slipping. You should have posted about this 6 months ago.

Austin is the SW? First I’ve heard of that. We’re South-Central.

For people who don’t actually (and never have) lived in the SW, they tend to lump all of Texas into the SW. No clue if Lum did the same or not. IMO The SW is NM, AZ, CO, UT, NV…

Which, frankly, means Lum is leaving Mythic to become a professional gambler. :P

Austin IS in the southwest! (I used to live in Arkansas and I refuse to call that part of the country “South Central”. It sounds like a gangster rap band.)

Anyway, this thread is vaguely unsettling. But at the moment, I’m unemployed! I can say what I want! No more corporate overlords! No more coworkers who’ll take the heat for my online screwups! FREEEEDOM! What will I say. What WILL I say. Hmm


OK, done.

(Oh, and I talked about Echo Base because I’ve been playing Empire At War. Sorry. BTW the Rebel and Imperial single player campaigns are REALLY freakin’ unbalanced…)

Don’t forget the many ‘pimp daddy’ opportunities a man with a Crown Vic has in the southwest.


PS - Best of luck, Scott

You’re the Hill Country. West of San Angelo and south of Lubbock are the “SouthWest”. South of San Antonio is “South” Texas (which will from hereafter be called Mini-Mex). “North” Texas is always, for some reason, the areas around Fort Worth and Dallas; but the ‘northernmost’ parts of Texas are in the Panhandle or you can say Canada and it’s about right there too. (One of the rivers in N. Texas is enthusiastically named the Canadian River, i suppose because it’s freakin far up there it seems like Canada). East Texas is Where the Trees Are; all towns there can be renamed HillbillyVille if necessary.

I think the more important question is “Can Lum now put the TM back on the end of his name and tell us what he REALLY thinks of DaoC?”. Although I guess the answer is probably no if he is still looking for more work in MMORPGs…

How can you leave CA out? Can’t get more SW in the continental US than CA.

Good luck Lum!

Texas is the southwest, no doubt about it. If you want to be south-central you can go to Louisiana or Arkansas or someplace :)

California is the Pacific Coast or really the West, we almost never consider them as a part of the southwest.

Ah sorry for the input of the comment about Echo Base, I guess we’ll all find out eventually.

— Alan

I’ve heard Texans refer to their bit of land as “essentially all of the Southwest.” Yes, they’re insane, and I consider them as something of an autonomous republic embedded in the U.S. No one else takes state pride to quite the same level except, maybe, Hawaii, and probably not even them. From this Southwesterner’s perspective, though, the Southwest doesn’t start until New Mexico.