What is this device connected to my router?


Just doing some overall cleanup on my ASUS RT-N66U, updating the BIOS, etc. I was surprised to see I had 13 devices connected to my wireless network so I looked to see what they were.

My PC, my wife’s PC, my iPad, my iPhone. My wife is out of the house right now so not her Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. I was surprised to see each of my 3 Dish receivers take 2 client slots. Two PS3s (Xbox is unplugged at the moment.)

But there is one more that I can’t figure out. The MAC address looks a little odd, starts with 78:61. And the hardware is only identified as Mistumi Electric Company, LTD. I walked around and can’t figure out anything else in the house connected to the internet.

Any ideas on what this could be?



I’m getting my solar panel system turned on next Tuesday. One of the things it will do is connect to the internet via wifi to report power generation for Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, and other stuff I guess. If I saw a device labeled “Mitsumi Electric Company” connected to my router, that’s what I would assume it was.


No solar panels around here! ;) Wish I did have one, though.


How about the Satellite/Network interface device? For DirecTV I have a little box that bridges that gap that allows on demand and such.


I don’t have anything like that, though each receiver is taking up two connections. But they are showing up as Echostar.


I occasionally have a mysterious “unknown device” that shows up on mine. I have only four devices that use the wifi, and everything else is wired. I’ll try to open it up, and it asks for a PIN. That makes me think perhaps it’s a smart TV or DVD from a neighbor that’s trying to piggyback, intentionally or otherwise.


If you have a password on your wireless network then 99.99% it’s one of your devices. If not, consider adding a password.

Off the top of my head: digital cameras, digital picture frames, home theatre receivers and TVs, airplay or other bluetooth audio receiver. Game consoles, nintendo DS, home phone. Also I’m not sure you said it’s an active connection, if inactive it could be anything - old cellphones, friend’s tablets, mother-in-law’s laptop etc.


Yeah, WPA-2 password. It is active (well, it shows up on each refresh.) I’ll have to unplug our newer DVD player (though I would have thought that would show up as Sony since it is a Sony BluRay) and newer Samsung LCD TV and see what happens.


Temporarily shut off wifi so you can check if it’s a wired interface quickly.

Maybe a powerline ethernet adapter?


Ah ha! I forgot that I have one of those active!!!


What’s the next octet of that MAC address? You can at least look up who that prefix is registered to.



How do you do that?


The IEEE maintains a list of vendor prefixes. It might only tell you what you already know, of course:




Hey not sure if you resolved the issue or not but my sony dvd player identifies as mitsumi electric


Just noticed 3 years ago haha


Found the same here. Investigation revealed it to be a Sony Blu Ray player. Hope this helps.


You realize he was asking for help on this almost four years ago, yes?


Sure, it was 4 years ago, but if he still doesn’t know what it is… it’s become a pretty urgent problem, dont’cha think?


Even if he solves it today, 4 years later, he’s still aheaf of Intel. Hey O!


Hey, my guess is it’s a Sony DVD or Blu-ray player.

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