What is this piece of desk furniture called?

Ages ago I saw one of these things in a magazine article, now I can’t remember what they are called:

It’s a clipboard mounted on an anglepoise-type mechanism, so basically you can position a code listing or a database schema or whatever so it’s next to your monitor rather than down on your desk, so your eye has much less work, and no refocusing, to do to look at it. A poor man’s second monitor, if you like, only much cheaper and you can write on it and stuff.

Trying to find the words to google this up has defeated by google-fu. Anyone know what I am talking about?

Anything like this , this or these?

Gotta admit, in this age of dual monitors, you’re really going old school. :wink:

Cool, thanks, seems the crucial word I was missing was ‘copyholder’ :)

And I don’t know how alone I am in this, but there’s still a lot of, er, stuff that just works better for me on paper than on screen: To do lists, snippets of object schemas, sketches of wizard screens, that sort of thing. Maybe it’s just that I’m in sufficiently adept with any particular text editor / IDE / Visio, but for some things I still find it quicker to use a pen.