What is this thing? (military geeks needed)

My Google Fu is failing. Anyone know what this is?

It’s the part on top of the RIS rail that looks like two connected tubes and appears to have a laser warning tag on it.

Our guess is laser designator or range finder. But I thought designators were much bigger and had handles.


Pulse plasma rifle?

I’m guessing commercial laser range finder.

Most of the rangefinders I’ve worked with are a heck of a lot smaller than that. That’s not MILES gear, is it?

No, MILES gear doesn’t look anything like that. MILES gear also sucks.

I’d guess it’s a designator used with the scope. There’d be no point in mounting a rangefinder.

That is a combination aiming laser/IR flashlight.

Are you sure, or is that a guess?

Who are you to doubt El Dandy?

Wasn’t that hard to find. Big clue in original image you posted. Link might be to a slightly different model, but close enough to confirm Matthew is right.

Sweet, thanks Matthew (and CCZ)!

The tube on the right-hand side is definitely a laser, as it has warnings stickers labeled all over it. You don’t have those for optical, starlight or IR lights. Following the object description, that would make the one on the left the IR illuminator, which makes sense if it sticks out a bit more. IR shows up in starlight scopes quite well.

— Alan

Isn’t anybody the least bit curious as to why ElG wants to identify an aiming laser / IR sight?

Especially in the wake of all those hot tub posts?

not really

Curiousity is overrated.

Maybe he’s a member of the real X-Com…

— Alan

I’m going to guess that he wanted to know so he could attach it to one of his airsoft guns.

Nope, just curious. I’ve seen it in lots of shots of soliders in Iraq.

I’m pretty much over the Airsoft thing. Anyone want to buy some airsoft guns?


Although, it is good for getting rid of stray cats.