What is this Xbox Gamepass popup on my PC?

…and how do I get rid of it? It pops up on my PC about 2-4 times per day.

I’ve searched online and not found anyone reporting this issue, and I had originally hoped it was a problem owing to the service being in Beta, and it would work itself out.

But…no dice. Any ideas here? What I can tell you is that this popup is easily dismissed by clicking anywhere on screen. The popups increase in frequency if I’ve got the Xbox (beta) app running for multiple days, too.

I found lots of people complaining about it online. Found only one proposed solution: Settings > Gaming > Game Bar. Turn off “Recording game clips, …”

It’s possible a UWP app registration got mangled. That’s a pretty old problem Windows 10-wise, so instructions for a quick Powershell script to enumerate and re-register them should be easy(ish) to search up.

I believe it’s for the Xbox game bar app.