What is up with my Wii?

ok, before I call nintendo support, I want to run this by the internet. I bought Super Smash Brother Brawl the other day and my Wii keeps locking up. The game just freezes and the Wii it totally unresponsive. Even the power button does nothing. I have to unplug the console. After this happened, I played Need For Speed Carbon for 2 hours on the Wii with no problems. The SSBB disk is perfectly clean with no defects. It doesn’t seem to matter what mode I play, they all lock up.

Now I am wondering, could it be linked to using a Wavebird game cube controller? The Wii doesn’t lock up in gamecube games but maybe SSBB does something different? I tried just the Wii remote but I’m not able to really play it hard for 20 minutes but just sitting around in game menus with the Wii remote doesn’t cause the lockups.

Any ideas?

Is it just that particular game or is it happening with other games as well?

I had this issue with mine when I first got it. I had to basically reset the device and reinstall the patch downloads.

Its only happening with SSBB.

could it be that dual layer dvd issue?

Yeah there are reports that the early Wii’s have trouble with SSB:B. Think you’ll have to send it in and get the laser replaced.

hmm maybe thats it… I’ll try blowing out the system with some compressed air and see if that helps.

Myself and a friend have both had Brawl crash on us (which no other Wii game has done on either of our systems. It doesn’t sound like the same thing as you’re describing though.

Just a small update. I did this and that fixed the problem. :)