What is wrong with EQ2 graphics?

I decided to try out the EQ2 demo. What is wrong with EQ2 graphics ? Everything is indistinct, blurry, and washed out. Yet when I zoom in to characters they seem to sharpen up slightly.

I tried changing some of the graphic settings but nothing seems to help. Any ideas ?

There’s nothing wrong, per se, I don’t think. I had pretty much the same reaction initially as well.

One thing is the art direction/style. I am not terribly fond of it (though the cities of the gameworld, especially at night, are stupendous), largely because of how it seems fuzzy and pale (perhaps I’m too used to WoW’s over-saturated hues, but then again, I like DAoC’s subdued palette as well).

Another may well be your settings. Crank that sucker up to ultra high rez with all the bells and whistles and it looks great I think–it moves at like one frame per second, but it looks great. Or at least much better.

Try turing off the bloom effects.

IIRC one of the graphics settings sliders sets the view distance at which models switch from low quality to high quality. I can’t remember exactly what it’s called :(

There’s also a setting that caps the maximum number of high-quality models displayed at once, if this problem varies depending on if you are in a crowded area.

One thing I dont like is the fact that even with all the settings you cant make it always show the main char in high detail. I think thats fucking retarded.

The problem is this. Sorry, I couldn’t resist bringing up one of my favorite penny-arcade moments.


All the stuff I see from EQ2 looks like it was made by seventh graders with Bryce 3D and Poser. It all looks like 3D clip art.


The graphics are weird on purpose so that it takes you longer to notice that the game sucks.

I did not like the EQ2 graphics either. Some of the buildings and terrain were pretty sweet looking, but the character/monster models reminded me of Morrowind ie. not good.

Also, it was a goddamn pig for me. Ran like dogshit on my 2800+/1gig/X800 Pro machine.


Yeah, and the memory leaked worse than Karl Rove.