What is your current favorite Roguelike? [Or all things roguelike]


I think Demon RL fits the bill and is really good http://demon.ferretdev.org/
It’s inspired by the Shin Megami Tensei series so your party is a group of demon enemies that you’ve recruited to your side. Still feels like a party-based roguelike.


Excepting during boss fights (which turn the game into a mix of classical tactical RPG and Gorky 17), you only control a single character from your party at a time, in the same sort of way as you do in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Others are around, but they are acting like silly NPCs, like about any roguelike with NPCs.
I don’t see how the system for a party roguelike can work anyway, without a clear split between the standard movement and battle phases - and that limitation makes such a game not a roguelike anymore then. Unless, gasp, you want to move all your party, one character at a time, all the time!


That’s what happens in Shiren the Wanderer on Wii, and it’s a nightmare.


Anyone mentioned this Hoplitey thing? I’ll have a play with it later in the week.


OMG it looks sooooooo Hoplitey.


I’m back to playing The Curious Expedition (which just received an update today). The procedural narratives work really well in it for me and I find a lot of the expedition choices to be interesting. Do I recruit the racist Scottish soldier or the alcoholic missionary this time? Oh, and the artist on my expedition has a penchant for cannibalism.


I’ve been playing Curious Expedition again too. It’s great to play once or twice a week for two hours or so at a time. I’d love to try doing a mission peacefully, but I like having those combat dice when needed. I’m surprised at how much charm and character it has for having such an otherwise generic looking graphic style.


These small, hex-board combat games really, really remind me of a Jim Dunnigan design called Time Tripper that he created for SPI. Of course, that was in 1980.


I used to have that game!


I’ve been playing a ton of Tangledeep since the Steam Halloween sale. Haven’t advanced past Level 5 in the dungeon yet, but having a good time.


how complete is it? im holding out for the full release but it looks super good.


Little known fact: The Dungeonsman dev is also working it, helping out the Tanglewood dev. He posted about it on Steam’s Dungeonsman forum. I love Dungeonsman so I’m going to pick up Tangledeep too for sure.


This one is releasing on early access in a couple of weeks on steam

Single-player deckbuilder with map travel similar to Nowhere Prophet and a great-looking art style.


This is great, but I have a really hard time finding my way around after finishing the very first area - I have no idea what to do to get to the next area in any way.


The developer says version 1.0 is planned for January. I haven’t advanced far enough to know how complete it is - but definitely a game to keep an eye on over the next couple months.


Dumb question, are you talking about Dungeonmans?


It’s like, Dungeons, man.


You know what’s neat? None of the stuff discussed is any better than https://crawl.develz.org/ . There may be some gimmick involved, or better graphics, or some stupid little flavour-of-the-moment indy thing, but DCSS is pretty much the most superior rogue out there, much like golden retrievers are always the best breed of dog and pepperoni-jalapeno-pineapple pizza is superior to all others.

/thread, motherfuckers


If you’re a weirdo, sure.


Yes, I was. Sorry, brain seizure.