What is your current favorite Roguelike? [Or all things roguelike]


Oooh wait, what’s this now?


New DLC for one of the finest roguelikes ever made, is what.


LOL well, that much I gathered, I mean - WHAT is this now? New classes? New campaign?


New classes and campaign with a Lovecraft theme:


So, new game, almost!


Forbidden Cults = instabuy. I installed the add-on, rolled up a new character with a tentacle for a hand, and promptly got wiped out on the first floor. Time to head back for more.


TOME is an Adventure Construction Set too, isn’t it?

I’ve never looked into the T-engine side of it


Yes. The original campaign, and the orc campaign, are “modules” within it (large ones). There’s a ton of stuff on the Workshop page in steam. No small amount of it is additional content in some form or another.



Yeah Qud is currently $1 off, which is an all-time low! ;)

But as the man says, the price will go up when the game exits early access … which will probably be in 2019.


I was curious to check Cataclysm DDA again (best survival/sandbox ever) and my jaw dropped when I saw this:

It’s isometric! (plus a bunch of other little changes)


consider my jaw also dropped! time to jump back in!


QUD is great now with the variable start positions.
And that Cataclysm does look fab also.


I’ve been playing Unexplored on the Switch… the UI is s bit clunky and the game has some weird “dungeon generation” hitches, but overall, it really scratches the roguelike itch for me. I never played on desktop.

It’s s tough game!


I’d never heard of Cataclysm DDA before. It looks fascinating. I wonder how I missed that.

I downloaded it and it looks like it comes with a bunch of tilesets but they don’t appear to be isometric. Is the isometric set in the screenshot above one of the tilesets bundled with the game or do you have to download it somewhere and install it? Or is this a mod of some kind?


there are a couple isometric views in the game options, once is called chest_hole Iso, I can’t remember the other one


Ah, okay thanks. I will experiment with them.


if you want/need any help with Cataclysm DDA just look my name up on YouTube. I have tons of content there for the game including a Tutorial series play-through, a University series that goes into depth on some of the main game systems, and a Quick Tip series for shorter more specific help with topics. It’s a great game that suffers from pretty serious documentation and early frustration issues that these series are meant to help new players with.


Haha, actually yours were the first videos I found earlier today so thanks.

My main concern right now is that the game appears to be broken. It seems all food freezes. If you cook something or heat water, it freezes before you can eat/drink it. If you kill an animal, it freezes before it hits the ground. Everyone says stay on version 7700 but the launcher doesn’t go back that far. Someone on Reddit posted a compiled version of 7700 so I’m going to try to use the launcher to install the game and get the paths and tilesets installed properly and then manually overwrite that directory with the older version. We’ll see if that works.

The fact that there is no recent stable version of this game and that they would release broken versions without a stable version to fall back to does not give me much confidence in whoever is overseeing this project. It also certainly dampens my enthusiasm to try this game out.


I’ve been playing it heavily for a little more than a year and this is the first time an update has caused this kind of issue. the game gets multiple updates every day so that’s a pretty good track record. They should get it sorted out fairly soon.