What is your current favorite Roguelike? [Or all things roguelike]


I didn’t play it in over a year, but Caves of Qud was very enjoyable. The tough part was the early game: the game isn’t easy on the new player, and early deaths were aplenty.
You can download a much older (7 years old I think?), ascii only version from this page.
Also forgot to say that the game is still very far from finished: it is supposed to be story-driven but they are still implementing that weekly.


Yeah I guess it’s similar in that it’s a rogue-like and quests/locations tend to be fixed but the maps therein are of course randomised. With Qud though you can/will drop into any tile in the overworld and explore it, not just on set quest/dungeon locations. So it’s kind of open world.

Qud is def. more complex and traditional. It has a more free-form character creation, with not so much emphasis on set classes. It’s kind of higher in the sim/detail department.

Personally I love it and while I have yet to dive too deeply due to waiting til it’s closer to done, I do fire it up reguarly. Love the aesthetic/theme/setting, with the sci-fi, post-apoc, mutants etc, and the descriptive writing is pretty good.


Thanks everyone


Is this about the Quds Force?


Another update from the Ultima Ratio Regum guy.

Basically, life & chronic illness continue to get in the way of hobbyist gamedev.


Oh well. Hope he feels better.


On the opposite side of that spectrum, Sami and Errka, of UnReal World fame, posted a new greetings video if you are lucky and wise enough to subscribe for their game on Steam.

It’s just a relaxed chitchat that will warm anybody mildly interested about modem, bbs, being cool, hairy and hearing one of the most awesome and foreign sounding tongues in the world.


Nobody mentioned that Nethack 3.6.1 was released at the end of April?



I would’ve but the RNG rolled a “Cannot post about Nethack” on the very first floor of the QT3 dungeon.


Drop a parchment on an Elbereth tile and that limitation is removed

The Nethack Devs Think of Everything


That only works on the 3rd full moon after a total eclipse. Duh.

Aavak is doing a Cataclysm:DDA Let’s Play for anyone interested (I like Aavak - there isn’t a major new CDDA release or anything).



TOME on sale this date


Perhaps more importantly for many of us, the new DLC, Forbidden Cults, is out.


Oooh wait, what’s this now?


New DLC for one of the finest roguelikes ever made, is what.


LOL well, that much I gathered, I mean - WHAT is this now? New classes? New campaign?


New classes and campaign with a Lovecraft theme:


So, new game, almost!


Forbidden Cults = instabuy. I installed the add-on, rolled up a new character with a tentacle for a hand, and promptly got wiped out on the first floor. Time to head back for more.


TOME is an Adventure Construction Set too, isn’t it?

I’ve never looked into the T-engine side of it


Yes. The original campaign, and the orc campaign, are “modules” within it (large ones). There’s a ton of stuff on the Workshop page in steam. No small amount of it is additional content in some form or another.