What is your current favorite Roguelike? [Or all things roguelike]

Turn into chicks, pick up cows.

Turn into shaft of golden light, pick up chicks
Turn into swan, pick up chicks

Ok, I guess the first one isn’t really ‘mortal’.

Greek deities weren’t woke, film at 11

After watching some video of this today, it could easily become one of my favorites in a long, long time.

This one is in development, with a playable demo available on itch.io. I’ve been checking out the studio’s other games, and they have some existing titles that seem really creative and interesting, like:

It looks to me like this is one of those games where the enemy variety will create lots of interesting situations and there are environmental triggers and other tools at your disposal to deal with them. Turn-based, multiple progression systems, and attractive 2d art.

Ive been playing through a really goofy game called Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God.

It’s a roguelike done as a bargain bin game by the Neptunia folks, so you get the stupid anime tropes, but under all that is an interesting system, where you have to feed your curry demon your excess junk, and make curry (which is a combo of three types of food items). It’s pretty good and fairly cheap on the Steam sale (about $8)

Streets of Rogue came out on Switch. It’s pretty fun.


Sell me on Streets of Rogue.

RPS has, at least, a positive review

I played it a lot in EA on PC, it was very enjoyable. There is one of the classes that makes you feel like you are playing paradroid. I might stream some over the weekend.

It’s amazing just buy it.

Streets of Rogue sounds really cool…Switch, perfect.

It having rogue in the name is a total fallacy. But very fun multiplayer arcade game.

So even just a couple runs in, Jupiter Hell is remarkable.

I’m in the opposite camp: I don’t much care for it. It feels like DoomRL with the charming Derek Yu sprites and iconic Doom sounds stripped out, and replaced with bog-standard Unity 3D models. I just don’t see a compelling reason to play it over the original game.

This reminds me … where the heck is Spelunky 2!?

Really into Streets of Rogue right now. Amazing how many playstyles there are in this game, and having it happen in realtime means you don’t get the boredom of classic rogue-likes.

Well, Streets of Rogue isn’t a roguelike so there’s that.

It’s discussed in this very thread. The roguelike label here is clearly more flexible.

Anyway, why don’t we just call them realtime rogue-likes vs turn-based ones?

It’s like claiming Void Bastards isn’t a FPS. Games can have more than one label.

If you look at the OP for this thread, it was clearly established to discuss traditional roguelike games and that’s how it’s been used up until very recently. Anything and everything is being marketed as a ‘roguelike’ these days but that doesn’t make it so. For some reason people have started posting stuff here about games that aren’t roguelikes. I think another thread should probably be used for those. Jupiter Hell is a roguelike but not some of the others recently posted. Maybe there should be a separate thread for non-traditional roguelikes?

The developers and other sources (such as reviews) refer to it as a Roguelike or a Rogue-lite. Seems like it fits in the thread to me, but I’m not an expert.