What is your current favorite Roguelike? [Or all things roguelike]

Awesome, thanks for pointing that out!

That’s a great idea. Rust is a great language that I can see exploding in use/popularity in a very short amount of time.

Read about this on RPS, and it sounds neat. Think I’m gonna let it cook for a bit before buying in, though. There is a demo which I have downloaded but not yet played.

Yay, a new Ultima Ratio Regum update!


Choice notes:

– Asking certain NPCs for their perspectives on religious heresy no longer leads to a crash if they don’t really care about it.
– NPCs now properly tell you what is special about their armour (which is to say, nothing, because I haven’t coded that yet).
– Handled an issue in religious districts with some random NPCs, at night, not really knowing how best to worship in the religious building they have selected.

Really looking forward to this update.

This looks bizarre. You play a Fallen God and the game has a features list that includes Fishing and Crafting.

If I’m going to tear the veil between reality to take revenge on a mankind that no longer believes in me, you damn well better be sure I’m going to go fishing at some point, and that needs to be modeled in the game.

Maybe if I actually looked into the game a bit it would make sense, but on paper it seems like features such as “Amass new followers, and use them to bring the world to heel” might be one I’d rather see than “Fishing!”.

I mean, you’re taking revenge, but you’re doing it on your own time. Ain’t nobody gonna tell you how to do you when you’re a forgotten dream god.

Well, if you’re a fallen god, you might get hungry sometimes.

Also, ancient Greek deities used to assume mortal form and do random stuff. Turn into cows, pick up chicks, etc.

If you are running around conquering the world presumably you stop to take dumps sometimes. I don’t think Total War has ever included that as a game feature or ever abstracted digging latrine trenches.

My point being, I think the designer of this game has a very different fantasy of what a game about being a fallen god should be. Mine would be using the tiny shred of power you have left to gather you followers whose belief you feed off and grow more powerful, yada yada. But I mean, some guys want a fishing simulator in there too I guess. YMMV, but it is just not the direction I would have chosen to go in, given the games premise. It just feels so small. I’m a newly incarnated fallen god, time to punch some trees for some wood so i can build my crafting table!

I dare you to remember at least two more things that Greek deities did when they assumed mortal form.

Anyway I too think that crafting and similar things are not heroic at all. And survival mechanics only make sense when it makes sense thematically. Like Fallout New Vegas is better game than Fallout 4 but its survival mechanics were added just because, while in Fallout 4 they make sense both thematically and mechanically.

Another problem with crafting specifically is either you make is a centerpiece of your game or it’s useless. It’s a mechanic that usually requires a lot of fiddling, e.g. getting a lot of components, recipies, looking for workbenches or something. It will probably take as much time as, say, exploring an additional area or two and will give you a sword that is 5% better than what you can find by doing heroic stuff. If it’s 20% stronger then what you can find (so that your efforts are rewarded accordingly) then crafting becomes central mechanic, because why wouldn’t you do it. And then it’s wrong choice to not do crafting and you become a blacksmith instead of a hero.

The only crafting system I can tolerate is where you have a small number of basic elements you care about. So that you have materials of varying rarity and still have a joy of finding a rare material and then deciding what to do with it. Even Fallout 4 is too complex for its own good in that regard, I say. And something like Witcher 3 or Divinity Original Sin 1 have incredibly complex crafting systems that are inevitably balanced by the fact that they’re either useless or easily sidestepped.

Sorry about the rant.

Turn into chicks, pick up cows.

Turn into shaft of golden light, pick up chicks
Turn into swan, pick up chicks

Ok, I guess the first one isn’t really ‘mortal’.

Greek deities weren’t woke, film at 11

After watching some video of this today, it could easily become one of my favorites in a long, long time.

This one is in development, with a playable demo available on itch.io. I’ve been checking out the studio’s other games, and they have some existing titles that seem really creative and interesting, like:

It looks to me like this is one of those games where the enemy variety will create lots of interesting situations and there are environmental triggers and other tools at your disposal to deal with them. Turn-based, multiple progression systems, and attractive 2d art.

Ive been playing through a really goofy game called Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God.

It’s a roguelike done as a bargain bin game by the Neptunia folks, so you get the stupid anime tropes, but under all that is an interesting system, where you have to feed your curry demon your excess junk, and make curry (which is a combo of three types of food items). It’s pretty good and fairly cheap on the Steam sale (about $8)

Streets of Rogue came out on Switch. It’s pretty fun.


Sell me on Streets of Rogue.

RPS has, at least, a positive review

I played it a lot in EA on PC, it was very enjoyable. There is one of the classes that makes you feel like you are playing paradroid. I might stream some over the weekend.

It’s amazing just buy it.

Streets of Rogue sounds really cool…Switch, perfect.

It having rogue in the name is a total fallacy. But very fun multiplayer arcade game.