What is your current favorite Roguelike? [Or all things roguelike]


I’ve been learning/playing Brogue a lot recently (which is just a gorgeous game) and having a ton of fun. I’ve only made it a few level depths down and one of my notable deaths resulted from being “stuck” in a room with 2 monkeys and a pressure plate that released Confusion gas into the room. When I entered the room I was close to starving and had lost all of my food rations in deep water earlier in the game. That final room turned into a comedy of errors (or maybe a Benny Hill chase routine with psychadelic undertones) where both the monkeys and my character kept accidentally triggering the pressure plate in our attempt to flee the gas-filled room thereby releasing a new blast of Confusion gas which further impaired our movement abilities and orientation.

So my rogue died of starvation in a room pumped full of gas with 2 monkeys running around in a delirious state! What a way to go.



Brogue is one of my favorites by far. I reached out to the developer and was like… do you accept donations or anything, and he declined. At least he knows that gamers like and appreciate it!

It’s a wonderful Roguelike.


Wow, that is amazing! After I play some more I should reach out to thank him.



Damn, you guys, this game:

Has completely sucked me in. Hopefully I’ll be able to tear away from it in order to try the just-released Cogmind alpha.


For anyone too lazy to click (or people in the future trying to search for mentions of it), the game’s name is [B]Chronicon[/B], here’s a screenshot:


Not sure that screenshot does it justice:


Maybe picking the most boring-looking screenshot was a ploy to get someone who had actually played it to post a representative one…


Well played, nym. Well. Played.


That’s a lot of loot alright. :-)

How does loot work? Only stats and dots/procs, or they also grant new skills and change mechanics?


They add to stats plus can have abilities of their own, like “Sometimes this thing might set off a small explosion.” or “Sometimes this thing might fire chain lightning.”


Is that a roguelike or an ARPG? I guess the line is a bit blurry, but in my mind roguelike = turn-based.


Sorry to be pedantic… this looks much more like an action-RPG than a roguelike. What makes this rogue-like-y? (I’m asking out of interest, not pedantism)


I thought it was from random dungeons and possible permadeath (which I believe is an option) but hell, you guys might be right. Maybe the line is so blurry now I can’t even keep it straight…


yeah, there’s definitely a gradient, as there is with anything. I am pretty sure that Diablo is not a roguelike. I don’t think Terraria is. I think FTL is, even though there’s some real-time aspect to combat, because a lot of it is turn-based and hit/damage calculations are just math, not the player’s agility in dodging, but that’s a really hazy line.


Wasn’t the original Diablo labeled as a Rogue-like? IIRC it was the first time I’d heard that phrase, back when Diablo was either just about to drop or right after, I recall having to find out what the heck “Rogue” was.


It was not labeled as such, but the devs certainly mentioned Rogue as a major inspiration behind the project, IIRC.


The term certainly predates Diablo and I mostly remember the devs citing Moria as an inspiration and games journalists, at least in Germany, referring to Dungeon Hack (of all thing) as an antecedent of the idea.


Classic Roguelikes emphasize permadeath, turn-based, grid-based, non-modal movement/combat, resource management, exploration, random/procedural generation, and inventory management.

Contemporary rogue-likes, rogue-lites, and rogueish games take a few of those principles and mix it with other approaches or genres.

It’s been a pleasure to see the genre expand and be reinterpreted so widely in recent years while also having some major classic roguelikes release on Steam.



Well, there was Rogue, then Hack, then Moria and all the *bands, and and and…

But yeah, Rogue is (unless I am terribly mistaken) generally considered the first of its kind.

Seriously, this box art. Speaks to my soul.


To my mind, a rogue like is any game like the game rogue. So FTL doesn’t count.

Re: diablo. It originally started as a turn based game, but when the developers got blizzard on board to publish it, the blizzard guys felt turn based was too ‘old’ feeling and asked them to make it real time. And thus the action RPG was born. It’s also on of the reasons the guy walks do damn slowly.

I would look up the link for you all, but I can’t be bothered. In fact I think it was actually a book.