What is your current favorite Roguelike? [Or all things roguelike]


That’s not a bad idea actually. Is there much of a difference between the two versions?


Seems a bit of a weird definition. NetHack came out in 1987 and is still updated. I guess it’s more sporadic release of updates don’t qualify as support?


I’d like it to be that it is because the same 2 guys (well, one guy technically) have been updating it for all those years.
…but it might that it was shareware-commercial-true shareware, well in any case, not freeware per se. Or that nobody else bothered to try for it before, which would be the saddest option ;)

Edit: well, the answer was in Sami’s announcement on Steam, and it is one that pleases me:

What did put us in the book is probably the extra-ordinary continuity till this day, the work being carried on by the very same original developer(s), with no hiatus or pauses during this nearly quarter of a century.


@Left_Empty already answered but I think Nethack’s development was a bit more rocky with a 12 year hiatus where no new gameplay updates were released. UnReal World really is an interesting story.


I was entirely unaware that this was being released. If @BrianRubin doesn’t already know about it, I wanted to highlight the next entry in the One Way series.




Anybody played/familiar with Rogue Wizards?


Yup, it’s fantastic.


Really looks cool. Nice art style, especially for a roguelike. Looks like a compelling loot system.

Out on Steam this week, but not on iOS until Q2 next year. If I didn’t already know it was coming to mobile…but still rather tempting.


Picked it up last night. It’s a very friendly roguelike: There is no food timer. There’s some items that provide HP regen, but they are so low it’s not worth scumming. Anyway, if you die, there’s only progress penalty - you keep your items and XP. Picking up loot is a free action. Switching equipment does take up a turn.

It’s very mouse intensive. The QWE,ASD,ZXC keys are used for movement as well, but they do not map to an isometric view intuitively. There’s no autoexplore AFAIK, but there are warp points.

Steam saves are in. Friendly with touchscreen which is not surprising since you mentioned it was coming for Ipad.

The bad: Not sure I like the animations and small line of sight. Once I find a dead end, it takes 3-4 clicks to go back to the previous fork. It’s somewhat tedious. In crawl, for example, you’d shift-whatever and it’d take you back in just one step.

Edit: There’s now an option to speed up animations. Very nice. Finished with 17 hours. The story line is about the power of magic, but ironically, I used little magic to defeat the encounters. This is because magic spells require a turn to equip. Also, the skill points for magic mean you can only really use 2-3 schools, rather than spread them out like I did. If I replay I’d only use instant spells like Banish, Swarm, and I dunno, pick a random school. Maybe shield. Banish in particular is my favorite spell - huge range, and will destroy THIEFLINGS, which are the most annoying monsters in the game - because they can steal your Purples and go away.


You should probably care about this if you’re in this thread. At least a little bit.


Thanks for mentioning this! I vaguely remember hearing about this game a while back but since then it slipped from my attention. I want to spend some time with this.


You had me at:

Progress is made through equipment, items and paid training rather than experience points.


There is no grinding because there are no experience points or character levels.

Thanks @Daagar!


Thanks for mentioning this. I played through part of the tutorial tonight and so far I REALLY like what I’m seeing. Can’t wait to play more!


Looks good. Anyone played an early version of this?


Crypt of the Necrodancer is on sale for 1.99 on iOS if anyone is interested.


Dungeonmans is a great little roguelike and the developer has been doing a lot of work on it lately. There’s a new update that totally revamps the Wizardmans class along with bug fixes and balance changes and also includes a special Halloween quest for some extra loot that runs at least through the holiday.

I just started playing it again due to the updates after a long hiatus and I am reminded that this is one of the more accessible and graphically attractive roguelikes I’ve found. I’d rank it up there with ToME in that regard. I also enjoy the humor in it quite a lot.


Any thoughts on One Way Heroics Plus version versus the Mystery Chronicle version? I got OWH on sale, so I could upgrade to Plus or to Mystery Chronicle via bundles on Steam since saletime - thoughts now that the new one has been out for a while? It does look prettier but I heard there were potentially issues? Content differences?


Whoah, I didn’t know there was another One Way Heroics! The reviews for the new one look mediocre, although I can vouch for One Way Heroics Plus, it’s really good.


As a big fan of Etrian Odyssey (the series) and Roguelikes (in general) I was horrified to recently discover there existed a Roguelike version of Etrian Odyssey called Etrian Mystery Dungeon. I had heard the title, but dismissed it because I didn’t know what “Mystery Dungeon” meant until recently. That’s lame on my part. I bet a list of games I dismissed based on the title and later fell in love with would be super embarrasing. In any case, I’m delighted to have rectified this mistake in time to play it today since I got a new 3DS XL for Christmas, so of all the amazing games I got this is the one I cracked into first, and so far it’s delivering on all cylinders. Has anyone played this?

This shot, as any shot from a 3DS game, doesn’t begin to do it justice. There is a lot of really nice animation going on here, it’s a great looking game.

First, let me set the stage. You arrive in a town beset with monsters and dungeons, so you have to form a guild and then take your four-man (or woman) team deeper and deeper into ever shifting, randomly generated dungeons. You get as far as you can, leveling up and obtaining treasure (including the Etrian staple of monster parts and gathering materials to sell and unlock new items to purchase in town, a conceit I always loved about the series), and retreating when things start going bad because a party wipe means losing precious items and all the gold they had on them. I believe at some point you build Forts that provide a sense of permanence and easier egress/progress deeper into the levels, but also can be themselves attacked by the powerful DOE enemies that can rampage upwards while you travel deeper, destroying forts and even damaging facilities in town until you repair them!

The combat is turn based, though you only control the current Party Leader (though you can toggle whom the leader is and thus who you are directly controlling whenever you want, and selecting the current leader doesn’t take a turn/advance time). The AI will use your other characters skills and the entire thing works pretty well, I think. Move into a room, the leader might be a warrior (I forget the name of them, something very German sounding I couldn’t possibly pronounce let alone spell) and when you move, the enemies all get to move, so as you file into the room your protector is Provoking all the enemies, your Dancer is kicking up a dance that allows counter attacks, and the Runemaster is blasting a bolt of lighting that could paralyze a target!

Also, taking a nod from Brogue, there appear to be Scrolls of Enchantment!

I’m only an hour in and I’m still working on the first mission (getting to the bottom of the first dungeon proper almost led to my first party wipe on the very first try, so I fled and spent the resources I’d obtained updating everyone’s armor and buying a new katana for the dancer. I’m about to head back in, but wondered if anyone else had played this? I didn’t find a lot of discussion on this one, though I may have missed it in my preliminary searching!