What is your current favorite Roguelike? [Or all things roguelike]


This one gets a lot of use on my 3DS as well. There’s also a newer version out for the Vita, apparently.


I think there was a bit of talk in one of the 3DS threads. I need to play it more, as it didn’t really click for me straight away.

Really? I thought it was a 3DS exclusive.

The Vita does have Shiren Tower of Fortune/Dice of Fate, which is also a Mystery Dungeon game.


I am pretty sure this is what Brian is referring to, yeah. I read a lot about that very game in this thread, though I long since sold my Vita, researching it is actually what led me to discovering this little gem. I put another hour into it and beat the first boss and unlocked a new tutorial for Forts and am making good progress with my initial characters, and now have unlocked some new classes as well. Super freaking fun, I’m digging the hell out of it, and more and more as I play too.


The Mystery Dungeon games can be great when they keep the hardcore rogue like leveling. They have the right mix of clearly defined and interlocking mechanics, depth and accessibility.

How is leveling in this game. What is persistent and what resets with death?


So far leveling is fairly even. Your part of four level up while they fight, those that are not being used gain some XP while back in town waiting, and if you build a Fort and station guild members in the fort they gain XP even faster yet. I filled my guild as soon as I could and picked a cool 4-man party of Soverign, Ninja, Wanderer, and Medic and put them in a Fort and decided to build a second party and try them out and they were about the same level as my first party! I was filling up my Inn stash with older, hand-me-down gear so I decided to give it all to them so I have a decently equipped and skill point spent squad as a backup.

This is important for rescue missions. So far if a character drops to 0 health he passes out and I usually use a thread to retreat or a means to revive him to keep going (lest the game get harder with only 3 party members and more importantly, to avoid said knocked out character missing out on XP). However, the game explains party wipes, where you then have to form a second party to attempt a rescue mission. This hasn’t happened to me yet, so I’m not sure what will happen exactly.

I know Forts play a role in it, but I’ve build a few forts and still don’t completely understand their role, except to keep the rooms in the area from becoming randomized? They still seem randomized to me though when I re-explore around the Forts, because the map is once more blank and fills in while I walk around.

There is a lot I don’t quite get, but the game itself and the combat is really engaging! I just opened up the fourth dungeon but I’m using my secondary party to sort of back tread dungeons 2 and 3 and doing some quests I forgot about. Sovereign’s are freaking amazing, is my take away so far.


I’d like to wait on the Steam release, but this looks really great:


As both an enthusiast of Shiren and Etrian games, allow me to thank you for the recommandation, as, pretty much like you, I had never even heard of the game.
I bought it on monday. My wife - a desperate Shiren 5 addict, nearly 200 hours clocked in there - snatched it and seems to appreciate it very much. She says she finds it harder than a Shiren game, but I think that is merely because she isn’t used to the system variations yet (those forts seem to be confusing everyone! She was talking to me about how you were supposed to dig moats around them to block monsters?).
Now I am just sad there is a single save slot :-/


Oh, awesome! I am still enjoying it myself - it’s really super good. I put on hold for a bit to try out Bravely Second (which is also good in a different way) but I have a notepad with where I am and what I’m working towards currently. And yeah, more than a dozen hours in and I still don’t really “get” Forts, and I have two types unlocked and my first F.O.E. tracking me down even!


Not keen on the game but that is a world class trailer.


Anything in particular you don’t care for?


I like stats, lots of stats, plus random loot, plus skills. I like treadmills :) This doesn’t look like that, at least from the excellent trailer. I could be wrong of course!


That’s fair. I like the way the card system works, but it’s basically attack and defense with a handful of special abilities thrown in. It’s a very streamlined sort of system, pretty much the opposite of what you are looking for.

I like both, oddly enough, at different times.


Whew, I certainly failed at this. :)

I do miss Elona.


I just got Golden Krone Hotel on the Steam Sale, and I’ve only played one round, but WOW is it good. The use of sunlight/light and vampirism is really fun and clever.


Are there any Roguelike’s that use the full unicode spectrum, e.g. Emojis?




Reporting after a few (well, I think she must be almost 30 hours in…) hours, to warn you, and everyone, about having a DOE reach your town. This just happened to her, pretty much out of the blue - she was exploring a deep dungeon when she was pulled out for an emergency without warning. A DOE had ravaged the town, forcefully closing the weapon selling shop (which she must repair for 500.000 spacebucks!), taking the better half of her current team’s gears (pretty gratuitous penalty, if you ask me), as well as all her inventory and ingredients.
So basically, skipping even a fort for economical reasons is a no-no - she used to skip some for building better ones deeper, now she sets up a basic fort on top levels.


That’s terrifying. Is that really half a million? The period versus comma thing always confused me. Half a million is a crazy sum of cash though, wtf. I haven’t gotten back in for a bit but I do have a fort built in the fourth dungeon’s top floor. I wonder if I should build a fort at the top floor of EVERY unlocked dungeon then?


Well, it turned out that the half million repair cost was… a troll? Retrospectively, the theft of the ingredients was the most hurtful part of this fiasco: after doing a few dungeon runs, the game just auto-repaired the shop. There was no indication whatsoever that it was going to be the case, and my wife was (appropriately) about to give up before that. But there it is: the town fixed itself.
The game is quite strangely scarce about some informations that way. We don’t know if forts should be built everywhere you can, but someone I know started doing that, as a precaution. She noticed DOE don’t tend to move until you go past them, and she suspects this is why they do not move in previously visited dungeons, but better safe than sorry - especially with such penalties!


Right, so I tried Mystery Chronicle:One Way Heroics. It’s essentially the same game, but it was remade from whole cloth by another team and company, Spike Chunsoft.

It’s sort of a second expansion pack, with more stuff again… but a lot was mangled in the transition. Taking turns is slow, with noticeable loading times, the UI feels more cluttered, it’s harder to see (fewer tiles on screen) and towns are now almost impossible to spot. Traps have been added to the game, but they’re almost impossible to spot, make carrying explosive items even more of a hassle and generally detract from the experience. And the game FORCES you to connect with Twitter if you want to see how other players are doing, see their ghosts, etc.

They’ve added Shiren the Wanderer as a playable class, which is pretty cool.