What is your current favorite Roguelike? [Or all things roguelike]


I believe it is under Options > Overlay UI. Once you turn it on there’s a whole lot of input and display stuff you can tweak. You can play a lot of the game via the mouse.


Ok, thanks. I’ll have to turn that on and give it another try. I’m cool with a steep learning curve, but without the ability to control the game properly, I was getting really frustrated.


Well without the overlay UI, be it Desktop or Laptop overlays, here you can just change the keyboard shortcuts as you wish pressing Enter or Space (you can even set up 2 different ones per action). It sounds very much like you are experiencing an issue that they need to be fixing.


The Curse of Yendor from IBOLogy releases today on Steam!

I really liked his previous game Approaching Infinity so will be picking this up as well.


One nice thing about the Curse of Yendor and its accessibility for bad rogue players such as myself is that when you spot an enemy’s vulnerability, it spells it for you. Doesn’t prevent me from dying on the 3rd floor on my most successful runs, but still.


Since I can’t post screenshots and brag on Steam because only the Windows version is there for now, here is my highscoring run from 2 days ago.


Unexplored anyone?


Was mentioned in the indie games thread. Haven’t picked it up yet, but looks really neat, especially for a real-time system.


Just did a run of Unexplored. It’s crazy, yet kind of awesome.


I have only played two games of Unexplored but my initial response is very positive.


While I admire the innovative level generation, I find the controller support a bit awkward (although I gather this aspect is still a work in progress.

And now for something completely different, any of you catch this freaky release today?


It’s a premium PC conversion of a F2P Japanese mobile game which is a “roguelike”-itization of the ancient game of Wizardry (are you still following me here?).


I saw that pop up today. Looks neat.

Also, Unexplored is way better with mouse and keyboard.


Yeah, it’s pretty clear that’s the only way to really play, especially when dealing with your inventory.

Back to WizRogue, the devs swear they’ve de-"pay to win"ed it as there is no way to buy additional currency, but at the same time, it still has that typical F2P vibe where it feels like it’s trying to steer you toward purchasing some premium currency.


Actually I hated mouse and WASD for unexplored. The Controller is a lot better but still wonky button layout.


Hearing it’s always online, and that can cause some issues reading the reviews.


Looks like Loot Rascals is releasing. Anyone been playing?


You KNOW I had to jump all over it.

-Quirky fun style!
-Super innovative “Hot Loot” system (some cards you’ll earn you’re told are the stolen property of some other real life player and you need to decide whether to send it back to the other player or keep them).

-You can’t save your game.


Get in on the FREE weekend NOW!

Just to be clear, you’re only able to play it, the full game, free this weekend, then, unless you pay, it becomes disabled.

Possibly the coolest action roguelike EVAR with twisted character classes such as Bartender, Gorilla, and even Comedian,


It’s pretty solid. Not sure I’d put it as best in the genre, but it’s worth the money.


Thanks for letting me know about the free weekend @LordGek, going to give it a go now.