What kind of pathetic hermit reaches 2000 posts?

Me thats who.

No one cares about post counts here and I certainly do not either. I would not know what to put down for a sig. if they were allowed. Probably a Simpson’s quote*, I guess. I have no clever anime pictures of hooded demons or animated Calvins pissing on France to put in a box under my name. I just like reasonably intelligent conversations on any number of topics, gaming or otherwise. When I could not find that, I settled here [rimshot]. I have a broad base of what some would say trivial knowledge in many areas. I excel in none of them and so have a tedious job, that does not pay so well, but leaves me oodles of time to browse the net. I promise I am not a pasty-faced lurker. Jason McMaster may be able to vouch for me…eventually. [size=2]If my check clears.[/size]

So now I have 2000 posts because Qt3 has kept me from the local sanitarium by letting me occasionally release and enjoy life on days I might otherwise have been loading up the ol’ tech 9 or whatever is those crazee-eyed rapper’s gun of choice nowadays.

Thanks for listening or at the very least not berating me for flooding the board with my nonsense. I just wanted to say it is nice in this little corner of the net. I sincerely thank all who contribute well thought out, entertaining, and informative posts and Tom, Mark, Chet and whoever the hell else is involved in keeping this baby up and running.

Whew! Glad that’s over. Now I know how Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire felt. The media can go home. The autographs will begin to ebb. I can have my life back!!

[size=2]*Like this past weekend’s. “Ha. Haaa. Fight Lupus.”[/size]

You’re the kind of sissy that gives ‘one week anniversary’ gifts to girlfriends aren’t you sissy boy?

You know those “what Scientology has done for me” webpages?

Actually, I am a buy gifts ‘the day of’ procrastinator. Sometimes there is no gift at all. Only a hand-written coupon for 3 and 1/2 minutes of ecstasy.


Only 3 1/2 minutes? You need to work on your time. With a little dedication and hard work you can get that under 2 minutes easy. I find it really helps my speed to remember that its a race, and the first one to finish wins.


I know that sounds like a lot o’ pleasure, but since it is only once a year I can usually swing it.


You have to understand that that’s after an hour and a half of Woody Allanish seduction.

Well, I for one am happy to have you around Tyjenks.

Even though you claimed I was Brian Koontz the other day. :(

Actually, I take it back. You’re a slanderererer and a libelator and your mama was made of partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

(P.S. 3.5 minutes per year! Can you PM me with some of your stamina tips?! You must be like the Energizer Bunny!)

I was really kidding about that. Sorry if that was not clear Brian cough I mean Spoofy. :wink:

All of my tips are straight from Sting’s autobiography which led to studies of Tantra and my successful implementation on it’s tenets.