What magic tricks do you know, and do well?

I mean it can be anything. And sure, you may not want to give away secrets. But do it anyway. :)

Damn pro at this:

The French Drop (grabbing a coin from one hand, but not actually grabbing it, so later it has disappeared). Nothing mind bending, but it was fun to practice until I could do it really smoothly.

I can create awkward silences like a mofo.

I can make shellfish disappear.

I can make a beer disappear.

Yeah, I’m borderline master of the “I would have sworn that whisky bottle was mostly full” trick.

I apologize for kicking off this derail.

Guys, you’re making me think that knowing how to do magic tricks is neither popular nor cool. Not sure my worldview can handle this dramatic shift…

Years ago I knew a guy who did some magic tricks, and would do a few things at parties. Mostly card tricks.