"what makes you click?" study

this is from a few months ago, so sorry if it has already been posted.


Essentially, men can make up for being ugly by earning more money. But it takes a lot of money. A “9″ man needs to earn $87K to be as desirable as a “10″ man earning $62K. And a “1″ man (hi!) needs to earn $250K to be that desirable.

Men can also make up for being short, but it is even more expensive. A man who is 5′ tall needs to earn $380K to be as desirable as a man who is 5′11″ and earning $62K. Height is apparently so desirable that a 6′6″ man can have no income whatsoever and still be as desirable as that 5′11″ man making $62K.

The picture isn’t so good for women. They are pretty much stuck with being judged solely on their physical appearance. Making $200K or $300K still won’t move a woman even one step up the scale. It is pretty much the same story for height, though for women, shorter is better. Shortness is so valuable that a 5′ tall woman with no income is just as desirable as a 5′5″ woman earning $42K. Additional income can help women that are slightly taller than average maintain their desirability, but above 5′8″ no income level will make them as desirable as that 5′5″ woman with the $42K income.

Jesus someone point me to all these tall, rich women with no boyfriends.

I think I’ll wear my Timberlands tomorrow.

Yeah, no kidding. I’ll take two!

Is Nicole Kidman single again?

She’s freakishly tall (or was that just the dwarf she used to date?) and very very rich.

I think she’s still dating that kid from ‘dude, where’s my car?’

Sounds like a “people are still stupid” study.

Guys are afraid of tall women. Just ask any tall woman. “Hi. Are you from around here? My name is Rywill.” Also, men (mistakenly) believe short women will be more impressed with the length of their manhoods because it won’t take much to “fill’er up”.

Anything that begins ‘Men are…’ or ‘Women are…’ is a bunch of bollocks. We’re not interchangeable, like toasters.

Jesus, I’ve got to start online dating, if height and a bit of money are enough to get non-stop laid.


Your post supposes too many things.

  1. Some men like to be scared. (Sexchase is fun when a big lady is thundering down the hallway after you with a fake beard and some thick rope.)
  2. I do not believe that smaller women will be more impressed with my manhood.
    Subreason A. Everything feels large when it is in your anus.

If it’s any consolation, Flowers, I voted for you.

Edit: Sorry, I disagree with the results of this study.

Confidence and ease with yourself is the number one thing that attracts women, above all else. Way above being tall, good looking, or having money. It’s been said before, but it’s true.

I’m tall and good looking(ish), but I was a quiet, shy, introspective lad until well after college. Any women I got generally had to hit me over the head with a baseball bat, plus I was always doing the honorable thing and in general acting like a choir boy. I didn’t get laid at all.

Put on a bit of bravado, swagger, and charm, and the world is your oyster. Shy, quiet guys see it as arrogance and being an asshole (I do too), but it works wonders. It’s been said time and time again, but that’s the only secret in the western world. Confidence in yourself.

Then, after you get the girl, you can go back to being a NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD and talking about the shot trap on the Panther A or the Queen’s Gambit opening in chess or the 7900 GT vs. the x1900x or vampires or whatever floats your boat. But when you’re on the prowl, it’s confidence.

That, and a myspace account.

Well, the deal’s off, then.


Best advice I was ever given as a lad was from my church youth group leader. He said “Being nice never got me any dates.”

ah, well, this study was only looking at initial contact behavior for an internet dating site. it didn’t measure anything about relationship success. it only measured how the how likely people were to attempt to initiate contact.

Ahhh, ok, that makes perfect sense then. We are at our most shallow and harshly statistical when it comes to those online dating sites.


I think she’s still dating that kid from ‘dude, where’s my car?’[/QUOTE]
As long as it’s not that kid from Birth.

Does anyone here consider themselves of “median dating tastes”? Otherwise…