What, me worry?


So now Bush is worried, specifically about what message we’ve sent the Middle East by shooting down this port deal.

Honestly, I’ve always disliked Bush strongly. These last few months, I’ve actually despised this administration, but the one way he’s never let me down is in the “is he fucking retarded?” department. Worried what message this sends? Isn’t this like a wife-beating, drunk, child-molesting, crack-head father chastising someone for having a second glass of wine with dinner because it might send the wrong message to the kids?

I can’t remember where I read or heard this, but someone pointed out that Bush can either have his culture of fear or he can’t, but it can’t be both at the same time. You can’t freak us out about the middle east and then expect smooth sailing on something like the port deal, regardless of how many close personal friends of the White House would have figured out a way to make mad cash off of this.

Sometimes I feel like the only way the white house would listen to the people is if it went public and got traded on the NYSE.

edit: for the record, I was against the port deal myself. I understand the need to outsource this sort of thing, and in a time of multi-national conglomorates, I understand that the task might go to a foreign company. But it bothered me that this Dubai company was a direct part of a foreign government. I somehow would have felt differently if the company was completely private and just situated in Dubai.

The logic is brilliant: “If we don’t give them our money they might work with terrorists!”

So: Blackmail!