What MMO do you play?

Just curious… if you play more than one, pick the one you play most.

I play the one you left out, City of Heroes.


I’m also tooling around EVE Online to see the changes with the expansion. But I think I’m deciding that I’m not fond of the core game, so I’ll be leaving soon…

Toontown. I even have two accounts so the kids and I can play together.

I still have a FFXI account but I haven’t played in a few months. I keep telling myself I’m going to go back and try some new stuff out, but it looks like that might not happen for a few months with all of the new toys that are out now.

You forgot the “waiting at a login queue” MMO

UO myself… I still havent found a better MMO for PVP.

City of Heroes off and on (propably more off than on lately). I’ve been looking at Toontown a little, Supertanker how old are your kids that play? I’m wondering if it still may be too much for my daughter.

Playing Asheron’s Call again

Also City of Heroes. It’s actually the only MMOG I’ve played since a couple of MUDs in the 90’s, and the original NWN on AOL. Never had an interest in Everquest or any of the others.

You also forgot “None.”

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For years, the only MMO I played was Jumpgate, as it fulfilled my “massively multiplayer Elite” fantasies. Lately, though, I just got into Aces High, and will definately be subscribing to it, as it’s awesome. I suppose I prefer more “joystick-centric, real-skill-based” MMO’s. ;)

Other: none. :(

I’ve tried several of those, and EQ2 best suits what I look for in MMORPG’s. It’ll be my online home for the next couple of years.

Asheron’s Call

…with the odd City of Heroes one month subs thrown in every now and again.

I’m not quitting UO just yet, but I chose WoW because I’m playing it a lot right now and expect to be playing it for quite some time.

On a side note, if none of these games existed and the MMO genre completely vanished, I wonder how sales for other types of PC games would be different…

Right now, none, but I played the beta for WoW and EQ2, and will be picking up WoW soon, so that’s what I voted for.

Other: none. Just not as convenient to play as single player games.

Other: WWII Online.