What movie should i see next week?

on my one day off next week, which of the above movies should i see?

batman begins sounds like the best of the lot. on the other hand fantastic four has that commercial out where sue is stripping to escape the crowd. i wanted to see stealth if only because i can’t resist a ‘machine comes alive, kills creators’ plot, but even i take pause at a 10% tomato rating.

BB is like 1000x better then the other 2.


Is this supposed to be a joke or something? Batman Begins is years better than both of those movies.

Hell… Shit Bonerz would have made a better choice then those two movies.

I figure anyone who decides via an internet poll deserves to see Stealth.

See Stealth and tell me whether it’s worth free rental on rent one get one day.

Stealth - Any real movie fan has already seen BB and FF :)

It’s true.

Looking forward to reading your review of Stealth, Russell!

Be a man and see a movie you know is going to bad: Stealth.

— Alan

But, the ad announcer guy said some critic said “Jamie Foxx is at the top of his game!”

Come on, you know you need to see stealth.