What movie was this?

I’m 29. When I was a youngin’, I remember seeing a fantasy movie on cable. I don’t remember much except there was an elf character (complete with pointy ears) who I think was rescued at some point, but he was significant because he when he used his bow, he drew arrows incredibly fast, like blurring fast. So he could whip off these multiple arrows in a few seconds. That’s all I can remember. It just sticks in my head as one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a movie, but again, I saw this when I was probably 8 or 10. Does anyone have any idea what movie this might be?

Hawk the Slayer?

I think that’s it! Not because the title rings a bell, but the images at http://www.stomptokyo.com/movies/h/hawk-the-slayer.html do

That was quick!

Now, I need to track it down…

Glad to help.

Definately Hawk the Slayer, if they portrayed his speedy attack by showing him shooting the arrow, backing up the film, showing it again, etc. There was also a dwarf and a guy with a crossbow, who might’ve had one arm…

Looks like Jack Palance had a boat payment to make.

From the review:
"Shortly thereafter, Hawk (John Terry) arrives. Hawk is Voltan’s brother (despite the apparent thirty-year age difference), and he makes it to his father’s side just in time to hear dad’s dying words, which are: “I get to leave this movie in the first ten minutes! You’re stuck here for the duration! Ha ha ha ha – accckthpt!” "

(falls down laughing)