What new shows are you interested in?

Just gearing up for the new season premieres. What shows do you guys think look good? Nothing’s really caught my eye yet but I haven’t been paying attention. If nothing else I’m just excited for Chuck, Castle and Supernatural to start up again.

Well, I’m hoping Community on NBC will be funny. I really like Joel McHale from the Soup. I’m also curious to see how Flash Forward and V turn out on ABC.

V is it. I’m not too interested in anything else since all of my TV viewing is delayed while I wait for the Netflix dvd’s. I like a few shows and all and want new seasons, but everything I’m looking forward to will be a season old before I see it.

Cougar Town?

That HBO show with Jason Schwartzman and Zack Galifiniakis I’m hoping is good (Bored To Death, I think the name is), mostly because I want another good private eye show to watch.

Did you watch the first season of Castle? I thought it was decent, and Nathan Fillion saves it from being much worse. It strikes me more as adaptations of slightly cheesy murder mysteries, as though they just skipped the book part and went straight for the TV series. But even so, it doesn’t quite fulfill its potential.

I will probably give White Collar a shot. I do love con men.

That’s the first I’ve heard of Bored to Death, madkevin. I hope it’s good, too.

God, is it September already?

I didn’t even realize this had all started up yet. So, do I DL Supernatural episodes as they come out and slowly poison my system, or do I wait, get them all, and watch the series plumb new lows all in one go? Hm.

I’m sure all the slashfic loving weepy girls will get themselves a load of Vampire Diaries, so expect that one to go on for a souzand years.

Trauma on NBC just looks terrible. Like someone decided the network would be incomplete without a medical show, so they brought in the producers of Fastlane to do a sequel to ER.

The Cleveland Show also looks terrible, but so did American Dad and now I find AD to be more watchable than Family Guy. So mayb- no, Cleveland Show looks terrible.

Nothing else really manages to capture my interest enough to even think negatively of it. I’m more interested in hoping the shows I already watch, like Chuck and Medium, can do well given their new situations. Also, I’m a little floored that 'Til Death got renewed. What the hell, world?

Man, rereading this I’m very negative. Lemme find something nice to say about something.

Okay, Community looks okay. I like Chevy Chase, even though he’s been kind of a death touch for the last two decades. Joel McHale’s a funny guy. But I’m a little concerned that Thursday night is pretty much becoming ‘The Office and shows that are like The Office’. And damn it, what’s up with them pushing off the debut of 30 Rock again?! Last year it was okay because the election made sense for them to do SNL Thursday night things, but there is no election this year! Agh!

Oh, man. The Cleveland Show. I was watching a game last weekend on Fox Sports Net HD and the promo for that was one of like three commercials they actually had to show that day and it was driving me crazy. Painfully unfunny. And if you can’t find anything funny for your 30 second promo, especially from a guy whose shows are all about arbitrary, throw away jokes, I can’t imagine there is any reason anyone should waste 22 minutes on a full episode. Just… God awful.

Nothing new for me this year, I’m afraid. And several fewer shows on my plate, now that BSG’s over, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been canned, and the Conchords don’t quite seem ready for a third season, yet…

Looking forward to trying out Community and Flash Forward and maybe V.

Is it bad that I like Glee so far? It’s cute, silly, and fun. We’ll see how long they can keep it up.

Looking very forward to House this season, and seeing how much they can shake things up with House in the loony bin.

We’ve sworn off Heroes this season. The only new show that looks interesting is Flash Forward.

So that leaves us with Dollhouse, House, Bones, Top Chef, and whatever’s on HBO.

Not a good year for TV. Thank god for Netflix. We’re working our way through the Tennant Dr. Whos, Weeds, Dexter, and The Office. I suppose watching good series two years late is a better bet than watching current series (especially on Fox). Tell me what’s good this year and I’ll watch it next year on Netflix.

I just started streaming The Office this year from Netflix. I’ve just finished season 4. I wanted to punch Tom in the face for making Pam cry, but other than that this show has me laughing out loud on a regular basis.

All of those shows are still on. Just a lackluster season for broadcast TV, in the US, I guess. I agree though, no new shows are on my radar other than White Collar on USA, and that’s kind of iffy.

Not at all, I love Glee as well. Far funnier and sharper than I ever expected.

I’m also enjoying Glee but like you I’m skeptical they’ll be able to maintain my interest.

Glee is like High School Musical meets Pushing Daisies, in a good way. I’ve loved it so far.

I’m interested in checking out Flash Forward, Trauma, Bored to Death, and White Collar. I too am skipping Heroes this year. I gave it another chance after stopping watching part of the way last year, but it’s not roping me in again.

Bummed that we have to wait till practically next summer for Chuck. I really hope Leno’s new show and Heroes both die fiery deaths.

I’m going to be cautiously optimistic about Stargate Universe (what with Atlantis being such a disappointment). Based entirely on this Futoncritic pilot review.

Then there’s the already mentioned Flash Forward and V.

I certainly hope Flash Forward is better than the book. (Robert J Sawyer’s constant self-promotion of himself as Canada’s top SF author is… well, amusing, since I’m not Canadian.)

I was going to try to avoid picking up much new – I never even got around to watching Chuck last year, as TV has fallen victim to gaming. But I didn’t realize the new V was starting…

That Human Target preview from May was pretty entertaining.