What, no discussion of the latest Devo album

…aka Something for Everybody?

Cynical cash grab, or decent alt-retro rock? The reviews have been mostly positive. Anyone here bought it yet? For some reason the Amazon .mp3 version of the deluxe version doesn’t have “Knock Boots” in the tracklist.

Wow, I didn’t even know this was in the works. As a long time Devo fan I gave the 30 second clips on Amazon a listen. The production is outstanding, but the song content is more reminiscent of Shout than Freedom of Choice like reviewers are claiming.

Definitely a cash grab.

They were explaining on The Colbert Report that the entire album was (supposedly) done according to market research and feedback. (That’s why the hats are now blue - research showed that people like blue more than red.) So the slick commercialism is part of that whole conceptual package.

But the cash grab is in itself their comment on commercialism. Its a win-win for Devo.

Plus, the album sound damned good to me, what I’ve heard of it so far.

I’ll be seeing them at Lollapalooza… I was arguing with my friends who would be the “oldest” band there; them or Soundgarden?

(the correct answer is probably Jimmy Cliff)

Is that a joke? Devo’s first album was like '78.

Yeah, their best stuff was right around 1980 to maybe 82. After that they sort of ran out of creative steam for a while.

New Traditionalists is my favorite album, but I was done with them after that.

I’ll probably give this a listen for old time’s sake.

Some of the samples on Amazon’s mp3 store sound pretty good. I particularly like “What we do”. I’ll probably grab the album for 10 bucks.