What, no pimpage for jpinard's GalCiv guide?

I’ve just come here from the Gal Civ 2 site, where the latest news update is big ups for a huge and excellent guide to the Dark Avatar expansion by one Jeff Pinard (http://www.jeffpinard.com/Dark%20Avatar.htm). I assume that’s our own GalCiv2 nut?

Self-promote, man! I would have missed this if I hadn’t been over there obsessively checking for comments on the link to my obscenely long war report at the PCG UK site (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=161570). (Like that!)

Tom frowns on pimping… and it’s much cooler when others pimp your stuff, so you played right into JPs trap…

Not really, he clears plugging of products if you ask him nicely.

… and then he bans you!

No, I’m sure he’d allow JPinard selfpimpage, but my second point stands - you’d much rather have others notice something you’ve done than having to pimp it.

This is true. Still, both the guide and the game (I believe jpinard works for Brad Wardell/Stardock?) are both highly recommended.

I just did the campaign as a one time project, so technically I don’t work for them. Thanks for the nice comments Pentadact. Now that my pond is primed for the summer and I’ve been out of the hospital a while I’m going to go back and add more firnmation and mods for the game.

It is a really good guide.

And we’ve all fallen into Jeff’s diabolical trap of us now talking about it!

Even now, he is on his iron throne with his evil cat in hand laughing at us!

Go Go Gadget Trap Escaping Boots!

And the clever thing is, that even us that haven’t read the guide can now talk about us talking about the guide and thus bumping the thread.

Will this guide help me win? I’ve never come close to winning even one stinkin’ game of GC/GC2/DA. I think I’m just dumb.

I dunno, I just run with the cheat parameter and then hit Ctrl-M to give me money.

Stick it on Cakewalk and have your ally win the game for you. Seems to work for me…unfortunately. I don’t like allies. :( I’m pretty pathetic at the game myself. I seem to always be waaaay behind in ship building (i.e. type, not quantity), and I can’t figure out a way to handle it except to unbalance the rest of my priorities. Maybe the game’s just focused on the military aspects and I play too much to building and research. Dunno.

Play Cakewalk. That’s my advice.

Strangers on a Train comes to mind…


Yeah? Well, what the hell do you know? I’m going with Equisilus’ advice. :)