What OS do you use?

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Damn double post!


What, no Windows CE option?


How should I vote if I have dual boot?

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Pick the one that you do most of your gaming on.

If you have Windows CE installed on a PDA, by all means, pick the “I play games on my PDA”.

If you’ve installed Windows CE on your desktop computer, you’re a fruitcake.

It’s a sad state of affairs when Windows ME is whooping Windows 98’s ass. I didn’t think Windows ME was stable enough to let you make it all the way through loading the Qt3 forums, let alone actually voting…


EDIT: okay, WinMe only has 2 votes (to Win98’s 1) – does that count as an ass whooping?

No BeOS? And apparently many are using Longhorn now thanks to an unofficial “patch” for XP.

Me was a craptacularly horrible OS that did more to tarnish the Windows reputation than Win95 and 98 put together. The only reason Me existed was because XP had been delayed by a year. So they got everyone to upgrade from 98 to Me, which was horrible. Then a year later, they expected everyone would just jump to XP. So the consumer felt really ripped off at that point, when MS should have just waited for XP.

I went straight from a machine running Win 95 to one running XP. I guess I’m not Bill’s idea of a perfect customer.

FWIW, I had no problems with Me at all. And it had features I liked over 98se, although I have no memory of what those were.

I’d intended to dual-boot XP and Me, but never could find any reason to run Me again, so I went all XP upon the OS’s release.

I skipped on ME. A friend got it preinstalled on his HP computer though and man was that OS craptacular.

Got XP now, upgraded from 98 SE, to which I grudgingly upgraded from 98 because my motherboard drivers did not work with pure 98.

Most of my gaming is on the XP box, but I’ve got a few games running on the Debian machine with WineX. One step closer…

I’m surprised how few of us use Win2K. I love it, and have yet to see a compelling reason to switch to XP.

Most gamers never got Windows 2000 because of actual or rumoured compatibility problems with games, because it didn’t have an Interface for Dummies ™, or simply because Microsoft never pushed this OS for home users (the cheapest version started with the “Professional” label).

The only compelling reason to switch to XP would be the fact that game publishers tend to test on XP but not on 2000. But so far, games tend to work either with both or neither OS regardless what’s printed on the box.

I’ve got 2K on my second Windows machine. XP came with my computer, otherwise I agree with you, there’s no reason to upgrade from 2000.

Been using 2000 now on my last two laptops. I have to say i really like it. Have not made the leap to XP. I probably will have to when I get my next upgrade next Spring.