What planet would you visit if you had the opportunity?

If you were allowed to visit one planet in our solar system (and could bounce around to that planet’s moons as well - like a city and its suburbs)…

which planetary system would you choose and why?

I’ll start… I’d visit Saturn. Sure I wouldn’t be able to walk around on Saturn itself, but considering all the interesting moons Saturn has - I could only imagine what a spectacular view I’d have of the rings and Saturn itself.

And I’d want to go to Encephalus with some kind of coring machine so I could see if there’s liquid water underneath its icy crust.

The one Brian Koontz lives on. I think it’s within our solar system, but I can’t be sure.

I would like to see Jupiter.

Mostly to see the storms, and the giant red spot.

(I’m waiting for the “I wanna see Uranus” reponse)

Well, if that Singularity theory is right (from that there other EE thread), I’ll get to visit them all!

The planet I would like to see is …Earth…with no wars or hunger and everyone living communally, holding hands for the rest of eternity.

(cue music)

I hate this thread so much.

Oh, c’mon folks. This thread is begging for a good uranus joke. Someone step up to the plate already!

Venus - while we got it mapped out via radar we only have a few pictures of the surface from the Venera probes. Saturn would be next as I’d love to stroll around on Titan and of course visit the Death Star (Mimas).

Google for the win!

This morning, NASA released a news statement saying there will never be a mission to URANUS. It is far to dangerous, due in part, to the crushing gravity of the black hole located in the heart of it and it’s crappy terrain

“Several years ago, Earth’s scientists changed the name of Uranus to finally put an end to that bad joke.”

“What did the change it to?”


If I couldn’t use my hands I think my lips would eventually get uncomfortably chapped :(

If I couldn’t use my hands I think my lips would eventually get uncomfortably chapped :(

If I couldn’t use my hands, chapped lips would be the least of my worries.

The one with all the hot alien bitches.

I wasn’t going to respond, but now I feel compelled to do so.

I would definitely visit Mars, and lay claim to all of its Mars Bars.

a planet that supported life.

Earth its the only confirmed planet with hot women.

Really though if I could bounce around a planetary system it would be Jupiter, lots of moons. Not sure if id ever land on jupiter itself but it would be cool to bounce around on its moons always with the giant planet in the sky.

If I wasn’t able to go from moon to moon at will then I’d pick Mars.

Stay the fuck away from my Mars Bars.

I want a pony. :(

Mars needs women.

Santa Claus conquers the Martians.