What precious treasure will you find in Echo Bazaar?

I have to admit to being hopelessly addicted to EB! I have no idea what the "average" EB player looks like, but being female mid-fifties I'm probably not it... I just adore the writing - the sophistication, the humour, the passing allusions and the hints of mystery. These are people who really understand the power of the printed word to transport us beyond our daily lives. And I love the chance to be dark and dangerous and sometimes truly unpleasant in EB, since (on the whole) I'm pretty bland in real life!

The Correspondence reaches far, indeed.

FWIW, it's not that I've seen most of the content. Hell, as far as I can tell there's huge amounts of content I haven't seen (I haven't even breached 100 on any stat). But the only content I seem to have access to is the stuff I've already done 400 times each and the only thing I get out of doing that over and over is a few points towards a stat advance and some pile or other of items. At the time I last played, those miscellaneous items seemed to do very little for the most part aside from being saleable for echoes. Now apparently practically everything can be used for -something-, so I'll have to see what comes of that. But it's still kinda demotivating.

I tried, but Tom and I are not Facebook friends! It's a sensible limitation I suppose, but disappointing.

Excellent review!
Go and seek Mr. Eatens name. It's fun. :)
Btw: you've made an interesting choice by selecting that ambition, since you're a law-abiding citizen and friend of the church, but on the other hand you will have to avenge a murdered loved one. That will put you in an interesting situation I guess.