What’s your favorite four-film run from a director?

I don’t know where you’d cut it, but you could do Robert Rodriguez to see which Spy Kids movie you want to overlap with.

Have we done Soderbergh? I feel like that would be an extremely difficult exercise given how much he bounces from genre to genre and how he kind of fluctuates between levels of quality. I think mine would be
The Informant!
Magic Mike

Oooh that is a tough one. I guess I’d go with:
The Limey
Erin Brockovich
Ocean’s Eleven

Was just talking to a friend about Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and wondering if Shane Black could work, let’s see… Hm, he’s only directed four films!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, great, good start.
Iron Man 3, maybe not everybody’s favorite, but quite good
The Nice Guys, I happen to love this movie, dunno if everyone does.
The Predator. Oh dear. Well, I haven’t seen this, but by all accounts, it’s awful.

Oh well, Shane Black! I guess you gotta start over and do four good movies in a row!

Heres one for all the parents out there.

Brad Bird

The Iron Giant
The Incredibles
The Incredibles 2

Pete Docter is close though
Monsters Inc
Inside Out

Soul is my least favorite of all of those, and Incredibles 2 hits me super hard right now with the family aspect as a dad who is staying home with 3 kids all day while working. But Inside Out and Up almost are enough to put Docter on top.

Except his Director run is actually:

The Iron Giant
The Incredibles
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
The Incredibles 2

I missed tomorrowland when checking IMDB, but Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol is before Tomorrowland, so

Iron Giant
The Incredibles
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Absolutely still works for me. Sure it cuts off Incredibles 2, but I’m not sure I don’t like this better anyhow.

I love the Mission Impossible films*, and the whole Dubai sequence is chefs kiss

*Except the John Woo one, which is bad, actually.

Oh, fair point! I musta gotten my timing messed up when I did a quick lookup. I remember Tomorrowland and John Carter being “Pixar missteps into Disney live action”. Now that I look at it, I probably transposed John Carter being Andrew Stanton’s first live action into the mistaken “Tomorrowland is Brad’s first live action” idea.

As for me, I will stick up with post-Death Proof Tarantino. While Kill Bill is one movie told across two releases, I consider it in 2003/4. So I would go:

Inglourious Basterds
Django Unchained
The Hateful Eight
Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood

Re: Spielberg, his best run might be Raiders>ET>Temple of Doom> Color Purple (full disclosure: I have not seen Color Purple).

Or maybe it’s Duel>Sugarland Express>Jaws>Close Encounters? (Full disclosure: I have not seen Sugarland Express and have only watched half of Duel, which I have on Blu Ray but need to finish…)

I found Hateful Eight pretty stilted, personally. Dunno, his attempt to do Agatha Christie felt pretty shoehorned. (Aping Leone in Django Unchained was more in his wheelhouse to my mind.) My Tarantino run would have to be Reservoir Dogs through KB1. The first three are straight up classics, at least arguably so. (Full disclosure: I haven’t watched KB1 all the way through. I know, I know…)

Walter Hill’s first six:

Hard Times
The Driver
The Warriors
The Long Riders
Southern Comfort
48 Hours

Del Toro:

I would have liked to include Sonatine but this also works. Here’s Takeshi Kitano for you (with Hana-Bi as my personal favorite):

you’re a funny guy.


my Martin Scorsese run is

Taxi Driver
New York, New York
Raging Bull
King of Comedy

also, no one mentioned Carpenter?

The Fog
Escape from New York
The Thing

Aye, @divedivedive mentioned it up-thread!

So we started watching Squid Game last night and the first episode had so many parallels with After The Storm (before all the game stuff came in, obv) that I looked up the director/writer and, well, different person (and Japanese, not Korean), but I noticed that Hirokazu Koreeda also did I Wish. I Wish and After The Storm are brilliant, but the movies in between are meant to be very good too (we’ve not seen those), as are most of his others since 2011.

Ang Lee:

The Wedding Banquet
Eat Drink Man Woman
Sense and Sensibility
The Ice Storm

For Scorsese I’d probably go with

The Last Temptation of Christ
Cape Fear
The Age of Innocence

3 (IMO) great movies and one good one. Not too shabby.

The Andersons immediately came to mind for me too.

EDIT: though I have to get The Grand Budapest in there for Wes.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Moonrise Kingdom
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Isle of Dogs

I love Robert Zemekis and his style of movies. And he had a great run, but a four movie streak is always broken up by movies I haven’t seen:


Used Cars, Romancing the Stone and Back to the Future are great, but I didn’t like Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Back to the Future Part 2 and 3 and Forrest Gump are Great, but I haven’t seen Death Becomes Her.

Contact and Cast Away are great, but I haven’t seen What Lies Beneath.

That’s a great list. I didn’t care for What Lies Beneath but the rest are at least pretty good and some are really great.

I think it is completely appropriate to put Roger Rabbit in there even if you yourself didn’t enjoy it. It seems very well respected to me.

The Producers
The Twelve Chairs
Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein