What scares you?

If you saw the thing that you were most scared of, what would it be? I mean something like you’re looking out of your back door. Day or night. What would really scare the shit out of you? You are making hot cocoa and you glance at your kitchen window. And THERE IT IS! Your worst nightmare.

What is it?

Spiders. Really big spiders. I don’t like ‘em. Nope. Don’t like em!

If I need to give a serious answer, and it needs to be a physical thing that you can see in the wandering near you, spiders are a good choice. Snakes are relatively easy to avoid, but spiders are small and quiet enough that I could never be certain they went away and not just hiding under the bed, and any one of them can be deadly as far as I know.

We are lucky in that as far as I know, there is no animal on earth that likes humans as food. All those animal attacks we hear about are either the animal mistaking the human for something else, attacking because it feels threatened, or a desperate and starving animal stooping to eating a thing it would rather not touch.

Room 101, eh?

Spiders. Especially the big jumping kind.

Pretty consistent response, spiders big enough to win, call it labrador or bigger. They look alien, they move alien, they have weird weapons, etc. Everything else, including arachnids like scorpions, somehow feel more readily handled.

In my head I see @RichVR in a dimly lit room scribbling furiously as he notes all of our greatest fears in order to use them against us some day. Just in case I’m wrong, I’m terrified of hot, naked women holding a PS5 controller in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other.

Stinging insects/arthropods.

Orange Shitgibbon.

I don’t know what scares me the most because I don’t dwell on it, but I can tell you what my personal kryptonite is.

Have a doctor look at me with sad eyes? Yeah, no.
Bitey type creatures with claws? Mere child’s play.

You want to get me worked up? What makes my head ache and my blood pressure go through the roof. Easy. Car trouble. I turn into a puddle of goo the minute an idiot light comes on.


More specifically, people who lack the ability to consider the long term consequences of their actions, or people who are capable of that but just don’t care.

Okay, after watching that Archer clip, I need to know what @krayzkrok has down as his three biggest fears.


Dark hallway in the middle of the night.
My brain PUTS stuff there!

It’s the reason I leave the bathroom light on to this day.

Oh wait.
Worse than that: Sleep Paralysis and the Old Hag that seems to go with it for whatever reason.
Jesus. I thought I was dying every time I had one of those.
Not had one in years now, thankfully.

Based on @krazykrok’s posts I predict his three greatest fears thusly:

1)Hungry Smaug
2)Angry Smaug
3)Bored Smaug

Well, I imagine looking out the window and seeing this, I’d be pretty scared!

Animals don’t scare me at all. They’re just creatures doing their thing. Unlike humans, they lack the capacity to be genuinely evil. They’re easy to understand for the most part, they have lives to lead and rules to live them by, and they usually stick by them. That doesn’t mean they’re not potentially dangerous, it’s just that I trust an animal to be true to its nature. I will admit that some primates display alarmingly malicious human traits at times, but that just seems to be a primate thing (which humans have run with).

I’m not saying I wouldn’t be freaked out by opening a door and having a thousand cockroaches swarm all over me, or coming face to face with a very pissed off grizzy bear or something, but I don’t have nightmares about it. Spiders are waaaaay down the list of scary things, they’re really quite inoffensive for the most part.

So what scares me?

  1. The darkest parts of my imagination - everything from imaginary monsters to worrying about things that could go wrong, it’s something I occasionally dwell upon
  2. Being homeless - having a home is a source of comfort, safety, family, reassurance. I occasionally have nightmares of it being taken away
  3. Encountering humans that have the capacity to be far more frightening than any animal. Requires no elaboration.

Fun fact, when I was a kid I was terrified of automatic car washes. You know, the ones with the rotating brushes. I had nightmares about those for years, with gigantic ones rolling down the street and blocking all the windows of the house. I think it was from watching too much Doctor Who as a kid.

That’s very much not correct. Apart from parasites and insects that routinely use our bodies as a food source, many larger predators would happily eat a human given the chance. However, most of the time we live in separate habitats and aren’t available as food, or we’re not worth the effort to try and catch, or we’re not worth the consequences. Predators will often pass up the chance to eat other species if the cost of doing so is high. But sometimes they will make exceptions.

Note, this doesn’t make them scary per se, unless you are in a situation where you’re being actively hunted. If I fell in the river and saw a crocodile approaching with intent, you can be sure I would be very afraid.

Nothing scares me as much as a Trumper, and I am being totally serious here. Seeing them become fascist, their insane level of hate, being divorced from reality, and wanting to destroy our Democracy is terrifying.

I would like to subscribe to your angst, sir!