What shall we put on the cover of our Star Wars food product?

I know this a ridiculous reason to start a new thread, but it made me laugh for a very long time when I first saw it.

“Bring me the chicken nuggets. I want them with ketchup.

Is the elephant dude from the cantina hanging out right behind that stormtrooper in the doorway? Why would that elephant guy be after Leia? Damn Lucas and his retconns.

I hope so much those instructions are for how you too can kill all the rebel scum!

“These rebels will make tasty treats for the Emperor…and YOU!”

I thought the reveal of Darth Burger Chef was very well done in the movie.

Lord Vader stands proud as the undefeated crotch-kicker.

“Your lack of appetite is disturbing.”

Is it just me, or does Lord Vader appear to be wearing flared trousers?

If you don’t finish the midichlorians you can’t eat the soggy brownie with corn in it.

I prefer the Funmeal with the interrogation droid on the cover. Although the one with the trash compactor creature is a close second.


I’m just thankful I’m on a forum where at least 25% of the posters remember Burger Chef. I loved Burger Chef. I think he had some young assistant as well…Jeff? Probably all sorts of journalism going on at the time about an “unhealthy” relationship between Burger Chef & Jeff, just like Batman & Robin.

Fuck all that…Burger Chef had the coolest dioramas & models that one could make out of their food product containers. Like Lord Vader.

Looks like Joe Camel to me, complete with cig.