What should have israel done instead?



Can’t have a holy war all by your lonesome, kind of like sex.

Actually, if Southern Baptists want to try and have a holy war with just themselves, I would be all for it. :thumbsup:


Methinks they will be waiting a long time, then. Most American Jews have zero interest in moving to Israel…


True, but, unfortunately, as far-fetched as it seems now, the more you have political leaders like our beloved president giving legitimacy to white supremacists and Nazis the less implausible that becomes.


Sadly, the ultra-Orthodox in Israel are almost as bad as Trump.


Yeah, sure


Cause we totally treat the Palestinians fairly.


Next we’ll be taking up the Serbian nationalist cause. Why not? Ancient grudges justify modern ethnic cleansing of civilian populations and land grabs for our own ethnic-religious group; that argument somehow works for us now.

Oh, I forgot — the point of it in Israel is that if the Jews can’t rebuild the Temple, Jesus can’t return and the world won’t end! My bad; I forgot the basics of foreign policy.


I wouldn’t equate the history of Israel with Serbian nationalism, though I think your comparison in terms of recent political alignments in Israel isn’t that far off.


In other news, this motherfucker still doing rallies?






I heard the middle east loves him and all his winning. Perhaps @Malathor can confirm?


Trump’s supporters actually view middle East hating the US as a pro, not a con.


Or maybe not:


Naturally the means justifies the end for the Saudis, but did they end up doing what Trump wanted with Yemen?

Because regardless if they actually care or not they have to pretend to give a shit or they might end up with a revolution, missing their heads. Of course being able to control most of the media makes that a bit easier.


I mean that’s not exactly a net negative. So I guess there may be a bright side to this foolishness.


I don’t see why our foreign policy should be dictated by an arab mob. Senate voted on this, vote was 90-0. Was that just a lie? Did they not mean what they said?


If you’re going to drain the swamp, shouldn’t you start with the Israel Lobby?