What should have israel done instead?


The opposite. CAIR, BDS and Muslim Brotherhood supporters.


So as a libertarian you support forcing people to buy products they don’t want to?

The closest thing we have to Muslim Brotherhood supporters in America are lobbyists working for Qatar. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a president who would drain the swamp and get rid of unregistered foreign agents?


LOL Muslim Brotherhood. Are you always looking over your shoulder to make sure you aren’t being followed by the New Black Panther Party?

Guys, we should pool our money and buy the surrounding houses near Malathor and give them away to Muslim refugees.


The refugees have been through enough, man. Sheesh.


Congress isn’t supposed to make foreign policy, just fund and give advice and consent about it in terms of treaties. So we might just ask ourselves, why is the Senate wasting time yammering about where Israel puts its capital? Also, this is one of those–I know it’s complicated and the concepts of subtlety and restraint are anathema to Republicans these days–things we call diplomacy, where the practical (Israel already pretty much runs its country from Jerusalem) and the perceptual (not recognizing Jerusalem gives us at least a modicum of distance between us and Israel to move around in) are in delicate balance. Or, were in balance.

There are simply no positive policy results from recognizing Jerusalem officially. While the practical impact is pretty minor, even negligible, diplomacy is never just about practical.


But … but … Nikki Haley said it will help with the peace talks because reasons!


The reason that every president since Clinton has refused to move the embassy, is that it serves no useful purpose (you don’t need to win over Israel), and only makes brokering a deal harder.

That’s what it really comes down to.


In a letter to UN ambassadors, Haley told countries – including European delegations – that she will report back to the US president with the names of those who support a draft resolution rejecting the US move at the UN general assembly on Thursday, adding that Trump took the issue personally.

We really are heading into El Presidente crazy tinpot dictator territory here. It is disturbing that the US engages in “diplomacy” like this in 2017.


Honestly, who cares what the general Assembly votes? They vote on crazy bullshit all the time. They don’t actually matter.


They matter to Trump. And that matters.


Yup. The issue is the diplomatic response from what used to be a nation with a highly experienced and masterful international department.


Yeah. His Jerusalem proclamation literally cause deaths. Riots, attacks. The man is throwing gasoline on a fire. He is a danger to peace in the world and should be stopped.


I thinks he wants either a war or an attack to tighten his grasp of power. Yes, this is really cynical, but it’s also a very logic explanation for the Jerusalem craziness.


If only; at least then we could pretend our president was logical. I suspect though that Trump simply wanted to exert his will, in a a Cartman-esque “Respect mah AUTHORITAH!” moment.


I suppose if I wanted to justify it I would say that international toleration and encouragement of Arab revanchism has fuelled and prolonged the conflict, and refusing to acknowledge Israel’s right to choose the location of its capital is part of that internal toleration. (And yes I know it’s so much more complicated than that)

But we all know this is Trump being Trump and playing to the domestic audience, with no care s to what this does to the situation in Israel and Palestine.


If only an American official would make even an argument I don’t necessarily agree with, but is sensible and well articulated. Alas, alas, 'tis not to be.

Although “revanchism” is both appropriate and inappropriate at the same time here, I think, given the questions about the legitimacy of the occupation in the first place. Still, that’s an argument that at least adheres to a reasonable line of policy.



So what comes next? Trump tries to kick the UN out of Manhattan? Out of the US entirely?


He’ll never kick the UN out of Manhattan. Doing so would lower property values.


But he could get prime waterfront real estate for Trump Manhattan!