What should have israel done instead?


Voted against: Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Togo. (Canada didn’t vote.)


Take out Israel (duh) and the rest of those, combined, have the population of what? Staten Island?


I was curious; about 33 million, so a BIT more, but a few of those countries are absolutely tiny.


Oh hey look my ancestral homeland is as much of a piece of shit as my current one.

But then again, most of Guatemala’s shittiness arises from shitty US policy, so really, it’s just a giant shit-cyclone.


Wait, isn’t that a SyFy original movie? Be careful of violating copywrite!



Enough to get him and his son iirc. His idiot son was boasting about it too.


Can we arrest our own corrupt leadership as part of a burgeoning #MeYahu movement?


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Holy shit, this is crazy.


War with NK coming soon no doubt.



Aw man! Israel, don’t give shitgibbon any ideas.


Still better treatment than that given to medical personnel treating Palestinians…


Netanyahu on international law:

I mean, this is something.


So by that logic… the Holocaust was fine?

The creepiness of watching Israel become more and more fascist throughout my life is pretty strong.


Well, i suspect that part of that stems from the fact that the only reason Israel still exists is because they fought for their existence.

If they didn’t have the military wherewithal to defend themselves, there wouldn’t be an Israel… And i think the Israelis are pretty keenly aware of that fact. Folks have wanted their country destroyed for pretty much it’s entire existence.

International law didn’t stop the Nazis from murdering 6 million Jews. Ending the Holocaust was basically just a happy coincidence that resulted from the axis pissing off guys who were militarily strong enough to beat them in a war.

They were a weak minority group, and they almost got wiped from the face of the Earth.

A healthy respect for being strong enough to defend yourself is not an unreasonable lesson to learn from that, and one the Israelis definitely internalized.


And the Palestinians? The weak who get slaughtered? Or are they allowed to be strong in Netanyahu’s philosophy? Asking for a friend.