What should have israel done instead?


It is so depressing. Right-wing, fundamentalist or communist = corrupt as hell.


Bibi isn’t a fundamentalist. He’s just corrupt and right-wing. The main reason he’s been so successful at forming coalitions and remaining PM in Israel is because he’s not an ideologue.


Yep - I was calling him one of the right-wingers. Same goes for the entire Republican party here in the U.S.


Well, he’s never formed a coalition on the left, so he is kind of an ideologue.


No wonder he and Trump get along so well.


His idiot son ended up dropping him in it, so amusing mirrors with Trump.


Well that’s that. Israel has morphed to assimilate some of the very evil it once tried to escape:

I believe this violates the very charter that created the Israeli state. By this statement, this makes Israel an Apartheid state in regard to its Muslim minority.



The mayor of tel aviv just left the basketball game to catch up on what’s going on.
Poor guy. I shall keep on watching.


Looks like two rockets fired, one was intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome rocket defense system. Other one detonated, no property damage or injuries.


Regarding the statement by Netanyahu upthread, that doesn’t represent Israelis, even though you can’t escape the fact that as the leader of the nation Netanyahu’s comments go beyond personal opinion, for sure. Many, many Israelis don’t agree with him. It’s still really bothersome.

The country is very divided. Just this week, my rabbi, who was in Israel supporting the Women of the Wall (a long-standing group of women who–gasp!–want the same right to pray at the Western Wall that men have–and the email she sent the congregation about her experiences was sobering, and in places horrific. It detailed a clash of cultures between Israelis who want a more inclusive, tolerant, and humane society, and the ultra-Orthodox right wingers who dominate Israel’s official religious system. These folks bused in thousands of yeshiva (religious school) students to verbally and physically attack the women praying at the wall; my rabbi (a woman) was hit and even bitten by some of the people, who repeatedly hit her in her leg that underwent extensive surgery not so long ago. Women were knocked down, trampled, and worse by a crowd that sees themselves as the only “true” Jews (and from my experience in Jerusalem, where these yahoos accost Jews going to the wall to accuse them of not being Jewish enough, I can definitely support this assessment) and want to turn Israel into an ultra-Orthodox fundamental state that could give Iran a run for its money–worse really, because the contrast between what could be and what might be is even worse in Israel.

The positive thing is, there are huge numbers of Israelis who reject that sort of vision, but heretofore have not been very vocal for a variety of reasons. My rabbi hopes that this past week’s events will jump-start some serious pushback, but we will see.


Man that is depressing. That people could go through such massive religious persecuation, then turn around and be like this.

All around the world, right-wing religious fundamentalists, no matter what religion, tend to be horrible.


Pretty much. People want something simple, absolute, and reassuring. The world just isn’t like that, though, so all such attempts end up being disasters.


If only. I think what people actually want is to know that the other people suffer more than they do.


Heh, you may be right, but I suspect this desire itself springs from a need for the certainty of being right, and that often requires that the “other” be wrong.


People don’t want to have to think. They want daddy to run everything for them.


Yep. Fascists are gonna fascist.


It looks like Israel’s long strategy of occupying other people’s land and enduring the criticism in the hope that one day people will just get used to the idea is really paying off.


"Wir brauchen Lebensraum"

Remember that one Israel?


It would be more effective if they called it a “dagger pointing at their heart” or the like.